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Patterns and regulation of dissolved organic carbon: Bacterial metabolism and growth efficiency in lakes: Limnology and Oceanography49 6— Par exemple, on retrouve en moyenne autant sinon plus de carbone dans le fond des lacs que dans les sols de leurs bassins dr entiers.

Limnology and Oceanography42 1— Methane ebullition and diffusion from northern ponds and lakes regulated by the interaction between temperature and system productivity.

LIMNOLOGIE – Definition and synonyms of limnologie in the French dictionary

Diatom-inferred decline of macrophyte abundance in lakes of southern Quebec, Canada. Mesozooplankton grazing and primary production: Global Biogeochemical Cycles22 1Art. Biogeosciences6 6— Apparent and real bias in numerical transfer functions in palaeolimnology. Tailoring palaeolimnological diatom-based transfer functions.


Meaning of “limnologie” in the French dictionary

Effect of catchment size on phosphorus export. Influence of ultraviolet-B radiation, stratospheric ozone variability, and thermal stratification on the phytoplankton biomass dynamics in a mesohumic lake.

Verhandlungen des Internationalen Verein Limnologie271—8. Carbon emission from hydroelectric reservoirs linked to reservoir age and latitude.

Weak density-dependence and short-term perturbations as determinants of phytoplankton temporal dynamics. Nature Geoscience4 9— Biogeosciences7 12— Global abundance and size distribution of streams and rivers.

Oxic water column methanogenesis as a major component of aquatic CH4 fluxes.

The net cors footprint of a newly created boreal hydroelectric reservoir. Des acteurs du secteur aquacole en formation pour la divulgation d …. The relative influence of topography and land cover on inorganic and organic carbon exports from catchments in southern Quebec, Canada.

Thermocline deepening and mixing alter zooplankton phenology, biomass and body size in a whole-lake experiment. Limnology and Oceanography41 4— Aquatic Sciences51 3— Microbial Ecology34 2— Rapid accretion of dissolved organic carbon in the springs of Florida: PloS one9 2e Meaning of “limnologie” in the French dictionary.


Does vegetation composition or climate trigger the fire regime? Limnology and Oceanography54 6 part 2— A challenge for sustainable forest management.

Articles professionnels ou de magazines. Journal of Paleolimnology30 2— The summer metabolic balance in the epilimnion of southeastern Quebec lakes. The importance of phosphorus availability.

Limnology and Oceanography Bulletin1457— Regulation of spatial and temporal variability of carbon flux in six hard-water lakes of the Northern Great Plains.

Plumbing the global carbon cycle: The relationship between near-surface turbulence and gas transfer velocity in freshwater systems and its implications for floating chamber measurements of gas exchange.

Publications – Limnologie et géologie de l’environnement

Emerging issues workshop report. Nature Communications61—6. Role of aquatic networks in the boreal carbon cycle: