Qt4 buttons. PyQt4 button example PyQt4 (Qt4) supports buttons through the Python Programming Full Course (Basics, OOP, Modules, PyQt) · Create Simple . Documentation Qt de référence en français. Cette traduction de la documentation de Qt a été effectuée par l’équipe Qt de , avec l’accord de. This thread is called the “main thread” (also known as the “GUI thread” in Qt . During the course of processing, status information should be sent to the GUI.

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PySide Video Tutorials – Qt Wiki

The Thread class’s code is short but somewhat involved, so we only show how to use the class. To prevent problems like this, QMutexLocker should be used. Sometimes it is necessary to access one object from different threads; for example, when objects living in different threads need to communicate. Using the thread pool has a performance advantage because threads are not destroyed after they have finished running.

Using Threads There are basically two use cases for threads: Ce cours existe en livre papier. A typical single-threaded application can make use of only one core. Problems are often hard to find because they may only show up once in a while or only on specific hardware configurations.

Before creating threads to solve certain problems, possible alternatives should be considered. Qt documentation marks several methods as thread-safe.

To avoid the cost of thread creation, a thread pool can be used. However, the program may decide to start a second thread. Scribd is the world’s largest social reading qy4 publishing site.

Sometimes the need to lock spans several calls. The worker object’s methods should not be called directly after the object has been moved to another thread. Cours qt4 pdf For q4t, modifying a container with an iterator requires a sequence of several calls which should not be interrupted by other threads.


Program counter and registers of inactive threads are typically kept in kernel space. We want to produce a clock application.

As mentioned, each program has one thread when it is started. In August a Finnish development company Digia cours qt4 pdf. Traditionally, C is the major programming language used to develop with Qt. In this example, a message containing the thread ID will be printed.

Qt4 buttons

A timer with an interval of 0 will time out as soon as there are no more events to process. Just as one CPU can power two or more processes, it is also possible to let the CPU run on two different code segments of one single process. The event loops of Qt are a very valuable tool for inter-thread communication.

So how is concurrency implemented? Contents What Are Threads? The next call from another thread will find the mutex in a locked state and then lock will block the thread until the other thread calls unlock.

You may want to have an object which lives in another thread that provides a service to the GUI thread. The internal implementation is based on posted events. The alternative to a blocking wait are asynchronous result deliveries with either corus events or queued signals and slots. Thread has two additional public members. To start the thread, our thread object needs to be instantiated.

Permanent Have an object living in another thread, let the object perform repeated fours such as polling a port and enable communication with the GUI thread. Passing pointers is possible, but there must be a strict coordination of what thread touches which object.

Threading Basics | Qt

Simultaneous Access to Data Each thread has its own stack, which means each thread has its own call history and local variables. It is the place to find everything related to Qt.


The actual work including the polling must be implemented in a class derived from QObject. We would be better off placing the timer in the main thread because the calculation made in the timer slot is very short-lived. QThread is a very convenient cross platform abstraction of native platform threads.

All objects created in a thread can be used safely within that thread provided that other threads don’t tq4 references to them and objects don’t have implicit coupling with other threads.

The Qt GUI must run in this thread. Lifetime of thread Development task Solution One call Run one method within another thread and quit the thread when the method is finished. This generates a certain overhead because an operation’s result does not appear on the next source line, but in a slot located somewhere else in the source file.

PySide Video Tutorials

One call A long running operation has to be put in another thread. So how is it possible to put a method invocation in an event loop? This example shows how it is possible to have a QObject in a worker thread cousr accepts requests from the GUI thread, does polling using a timer and continuously reports results back to the GUI thread.

This tutorial comes with examples for Qt’s three basic ways of working with threads. Simultaneous execution of operations on one object must be prevented. So what can be done safely? Using the Thread Pool Example 2: The launchWorker member takes the worker object and moves it to another thread with a started event loop.