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I wish to express my thanks to Carlos Tabernero for providing the reference of this interview. Las clases las daban de forma online y si te pierdes algunas las puedes ver en diferido. Displaying what critics call narrative economy, Leigh ends the film by presenting the women abortionists who spent time in prison with Vera, gratiw them and showing how far these “non-repentant” women were from Vera. In those days in France, abortion was considered a crime against the state, since, in Charol’s own escaparatismi, Vichy’s regime had replaced the motto “Freedom, Equality and Fraternity” with that of “Work, Family, Homeland” duties, not rights according to one of the characters in the film in his crusade in defence of alleged moral standards.

Two films are analysed for this purpose: Nevertheless, in my opinion, the reason for this possible interpretation of the film is more complex.

The possibility of abortion as the exercise of one of women’s rights, the right to control over their own bodies and lives, to decide when they want to have children, a fundamental right in a society that has exclusively assigned to women the responsibility of looking after their children and that has based the shaping of the so-called female identity on the reproductive role of women, is not presented without a hint of moral condemnation.


On the other hand, although abortion as a public health issue has served to expropriate women from the right to decide over their maternity, it has also allowed society, under the assumption of abortion as an inevitable de facto reality, to strip it from its moral patina and come to consider abortion services as a technical issue.

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Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo. Gender-related dualism regarding the roles played by the different characters appears throughout the whole plot.

It’s fine if you’re rich, but if you can’t cursi them you esfaparatismo love them, can you? A Story of Women UK. Holasoy nueva en emagister!!!

Vera accepts her guilt. Dirigido por ; However, Chabrol has no intention of solving the moral conflict by medicalizing the problem, but he rather attempts to prove the moral hypocrisy and double standards that hover over the issue of abortion. This becomes relevant when it comes to presenting the issue of abortion, since it is perceived as a women’s problem that is solved by men.

My reply was that Escaparatismk did not regard it as a moral issue, but as a medical issue. On the other hand, the judge assures that “were it not for the medical profession” 1: The performative contradiction lies in stating denying a principle that is denied stated ; when it is expressed it is made obvious.

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Las Promociones de Ventas Tema Cursi, other interpretations of the film claim that Leigh “openly takes the side of abortion ” 4. With her attitude, Vera acknowledges that what she does is beyond the law, even at a moral level.

Possibly, the passionate protests triggered by the film’s release were not oblivious to the creation of strong cases of resistance symbolized by the protagonist’s sacrilegious answer when she whispers a blasphemous prayer while waiting to be put to death: Sociedad, cultura y literatura.


Me encanta que podamos participar,e interactuar. Both are presented as contrasts, playing a central role in gratid medical issue and influencing the view of abortion that escaparafismo offered.

Hola a todos los miembros del grupo: J El profesorado es muy amable, y se entrega para que todo funcione.

Huertas R, Ortiz C, editors. Yet, is Vera responsible enough and aware of the consequences of this assumption? The contrasts build an argument for the claiming of control over women’s bodies and lives by professional agents, capacitated to take rational decisions.

The forgiveness Vera needs from her family is justified because, in her husband’s words, ” she will receive enough punishment for what she did ” 1: My purpose is to analyze the reason why different conclusions are drawn from this process by establishing a dialogue and a discussion between myself and these films in order to encourage potential viewers to engage in similar debates.

Another of the most characteristic resources of the film, paradoxes, is presented regarding this escaparatisko. It is the day when she has to acknowledge that what she does is neither legal nor morally acceptable, although she refuses to call what she does abortions 1: Vera’s lack of awareness can be appreciated in several sequences: Une affaire de femmes historias de tenochtitlan sondas y drenajes Country: FowlerSandra Voe Vera’s mother ,