Editorial Reviews. Review. From the acclaimed author of A Married Woman and The Immigrant Custody – Kindle edition by Manju Kapur. Download it once and . Manju Kapur (born in Amritsar, India) is an Indian novelist. Her first novel, Difficult Daughters, Manju Kapur’s novel “Custody” has been the basis of daily soap operas on several Indian television channels in various languages. It re-appears in her latest novel, Custody: here, the subject is matrimony at its romance has emerged time and again in Manju Kapur’s fiction.

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Once lovers and companions, husband and wife become enemies locked in an ugly legal battle over their two custofy. Society’s attitudes towards infertility-to cast out a wife if she is barren.

And even toda day woman is heavily handicapped though her situation is beginning to change. Apr 22, Karthick Udaiy rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: She leaves childrenn tto her mother and goes off weekends with her lover.

Custody by Manju Kapur – review

It is a notable trait of all her work that despite their astute social and political commentary, Kapur avoids making moral judgements about what she is writing about. Is a mother a bad mother if she chooses to seek her own happiness?

Jaydeepsingh Rao Research Scholar At HNGU Aptly known as thee Jane Austen of modern Indian English Liter terature, Manju Kapur creates an edifice onn two inches of ivory delineating the theme off upper middle class families in her novels. Be it the distraught Raman who is caught by surprise at his wife’s extra-marital affair, Shagun- the dissatisfied wife who is ready to give up her children for her flamboyant lover Ashokthe childless Ishita who is struggling with the taboo of infertility, the rebellioius Arjun who struggles to come to terms with his parents’ separation and the little Ruhi longing for a mother’s love.

Naturally the protagonists pr in Custody are in the rat-racee oof the materialistic pursuits. Nov 04, Jayant rated it liked it.


Raman, the hard-working and rather unobservant husband realizes Protagonists: Can a mother be replaced by a mother figure? What I love about Manju Kapur is that the characters she weaves are so real.

All the adults seem to have forgotten about the child’s turmoil; and I think that was exactly what Kapur was trying to convey. The award-winning author was in South Africa this month to promote her latest novel, Custody – a riveting story of how a loving family falls apart at the seams and all that is left is an emotional and spite-filled battle between the parents f She has been described as the great chronicler of the modern Indian family.

In traditional Indian terms, this is a perfect platform on which to build a good marriage. Feb 28, Renita D’Silva rated it really liked it.

Custody by Manju Kapur

It would be interesting if Kapur does a follow-up novel, focussing on the Roohi and Arjun, as they grow up and away from their divided family. The development of the special bond between Ishita and Ruhi is interesting to read. Analytical study of Disintegration of family and its Consequences.

When she asks Raman for a divorce, he descends into anger and self-pity as his perfect life unravels around him. It was then that I decided to read this book.

Custody by Manju Kapur – review | Books | The Guardian

This one was clearly not for me as I couldn’t connect to any of the characters otherwise familiar to me. Raman, like a dedicated employee, gets completely absorbed in his work and starts spending even less time with his family. Shagun’s mother doe oes her best to coax her to be faithful to her er husband. Raman and Shagun have the perfect marriage. The story reiterates the custoy that giving birth doesn’t make a mother, nurturing a child with love does.

Mar 19, Jasmine Dayal added it. Kapur writes a realistic portrayal custoey the effects of divorce on children, and examines the damage that parents can do to children when they are used to emotionally blackmail the former spouse. Log In Sign Up. Ishita is happ ppy even being the guardian of other’s ch child whereas Shagun even being the mothe ther hunts for independence and identity of her own.


Kapur’s stories are set in middle class, urban India largely Delhi or Amritsar because this is the social setting the writer understands best. A-to-Z Guarantee not applicable on used products.

Refresh and try again. Where re children are concerned,ones deepest fee eelings are at stake, and provokes all kinds ds of extreme behaviour. Shagun, after leading a happily married life so far, decides that she is bored of being just a house-wife and now wants to start working.

Her vindictive behaviour towards her husband, who has worked himself into the ground to give her what her family, his family, their culture and customs expects from a ‘good’ man is not enough for her; proving my point that you can have all the material things in life you want, but if you do not love and care for each other with the small things, you are never going to be happy. The defiant son is soon sent to boarding soon while the much younger daughter tries settles in with her father. After reading two of her novels – Custody and The Immigrant – I was eager to meet Manju Kapur, who writes about very serious issues with deep understanding as well as wit and humour.

Her attention to male characters comes out of her desire to be as balanced as possible in her writing.

The modern wom oman has come out of the narrow socio-cultura ral spaces and paradigm. Iff yyou live here, you pay the emotional price. Raman re reacts violently as his male ego is hurt. The book deals with society’s outlook towards an estranged couple and the kids specially.

They dwell on their own feelings, instead of looking at the situation through the eyes of the child. Return to Book Page.

Good story with griping and perfect page turner i take hardly two days for finish this book.

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