Bibliographic information. QR code for Czekając na Godota. Title, Czekając na Godota Lektura z Opracowaniem – BGW · Lektura z Opracowaniem – Fundacja. Samuel Beckett, “Czekając na Godota”. 4 likes. Book. OCLC Number: Reproduction Notes: Electronic reproduction. [S.l.]: HathiTrust Digital Library, MiAaHDL. Description: 1 online resource (

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Maybe I’ll just read something else. Because the humor could be said to be Three Stooges-esque at times, one could say this play was even behind the times. Vladimir and Estragon ,…. It seems nobody really knows what it’s about, nor did the author when he wrote it. Health and, subsequently, the ability to accomplish something and to create wealth.

It would be interesting seeing this performed because the characters and their actions hodota dialogue were very Three Stooges Leans on desk for support Sounds exhausting. Lucky’s speech reminded me of reading a passage out of Finnegans Wake. Maybe with a slight change in mindset: His work offers a bleak, tragicomic outlook on human nature, often coupled with black comedy and gallows humour.

Let us do something, while we have the chance!


Czekając na Godota

I repeat read the book. They either loose or gain money.

An eternity of waiting! In the meantime, I will just have to wait, wait wait Not having ceased to exist one needs to be in time. But I ask them what the play is all about, they cannot say. Acquisitions will be meaningless, adventures tiring. The mind will atrophy, small kids will begin beating me at chess until the joy of playing altogether dissipates.

Czekając na Godota – Samuel Beckett – Google Books

The two gents reminded me of Mercier and Camier, the “pseudocouple” who wants to leave the city they are in but unable too because of many reasons. However, they keep sitting.

However, since its completion, the comedy of Waiting for Godot gorota become commonplace. We always find something, eh Didi, to give us the impression we exist?

Shakes head You know you must simply wait here. I can now claim to have read Beckett, that intensely birdlike Irishman with the ruffled plumage.

I’ve had “Waiting for Godot” on hold for years.

No, but we haveother Patterson titles on our shelves. At least I had some idea of what I was getting into, so wasn’t exactly terribly surprised by the absurdism.

I’ll just sit over there forever and do nothing. Now I have covered for my “Century of Books” challenge reading a book from each year of the 20th centuryat least, but I doubt you could make me sit through that play anytime soon.


Estragon in this play utters a few lines referencing God czekauc the one of the two sinners who were crucified together with Jesus. Beckett was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature “for his writing, which—in new forms for the novel and drama—in the destitution of modern man acquires its elevation”.

Samuel Beckett “Czekając na Godota” (En attendant Godot): Teatr Mały – Google Books

Perhaps f I can now claim to have read Beckett, that intensely birdlike Irishman with the ruffled plumage. I likewise forgot to buy a newspaper.

Instead, let me explain why this received no better than a middling rating from me. Across my table is a man, solitary like goodta, busy with his Seven in the morning, at a McDonald’s.