Dancing Through the Minefield: Some Observations on the Theory, Method, and Politics in Feminist Literary Criticism: Annette Kolodny: “Dancing Through the. Annette Kolodny quotes. Quote:”Dancing through the Minefield: Some Observations on the Theory, Practice, and Politics of a Feminist Literary Criticism” . Dancing Through the Minefield: Some Observations on the Theory, Practice, and Politics of a Feminist Annette Kolodny – – Feminist Studies 14 (3)

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But the emphases were different…Avoiding for a time male assertions of a rediscovered Edenwomen claimed the frontiers as a potential sanctuary for an idealized domesticity.

Patterson states that “despite its language and intent, [the essay]…represents classistwhite, and heterosexist attitudes which are common in feminist literary criticism and which contradict the best of feminist thought and the aims of the women’s movement” Patterson, A Feminist Exercise in Practical Criticism. Following her tenure as dean, which spanned from toKolodny was named College of Humanities Professor of American Literature and Culture at the University of Arizona.

Several authors have criticized “Dancing Through the Minefield”. Instead, it became either a nurturing maternal figure, existing to provide sustenance, or a passive virginal figure, existing only to be dominated, sexually or otherwise.

History of Western Philosophy. In any case, here we go. The feminization of the land and the images of the earth as a passive, giving female figure show the social ideas that ecofeminism protests against. In other words, reading classics sometimes lead us to misunderstand the text and get the message right. A Reply to Annette Kolodny. Jonathan Loesberg – – Paragraph 14 3: Of course, many more women authors have found their ways into the literary canon, and much more minrfield literary criticism written by women scholars is being published, much is munefield to be settled.


Literary works about feminism criticism always interest me. November 6, at 5: What makes any text exciting is when the text gives us the ability to relearn and refine it. Josephine Donovan – – Critical Inquiry 3 3: See full article on Social constructionism Using this theory, social entities are dancng as always being in a state of change as society itself changes, and the relationships of the entities change.

ENGL PAB#1: On Annette Kolodny, “Dancing through the Minefield” | A. Lorean Hartness

There is little sense of the conquering-of-the- frontier mentality that Kolodny discovered in the male writers she discussed in Lay of the Land. Defining Women Through Feminist Ddancing.

Kolodny specifically refers to a feminist pluralism, which validates “multiple interpretations of various texts” [7] according to the usefulness of a pluralistic view of a text. What we need to understand in any literary history, we have to learn from the past in order to understand the present.

Annette Kolodny

I chose this article by Kolodny because it marks a specific point in the history from which I can build in writing my essay. In “Dancing Through the Minefield”, Kolodny applies this theory to the literary canonthose works of literature that are considered appropriate for study. In recent years, the monolithic nature of the canon has been challenged, and works by previously ignored sections of the literary world women, homosexualsand ethnic minorities have gained some footholds in the canon.


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As an example, literary history is a fiction which we recreate daily when we read it. In other words switch traditional roles. In other words, now is the time to switch our traditional roles.

This is a common kooodny of second-wave feminism: Therefore, this will move us to pleasure. You are commenting using your WordPress. Of these, “Dancing Through the Minefield” is the most well-known, and has been called “the most reprinted essay of American feminist literary criticism”.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. But neither is the text pure; it is also moulded by social relations and customs. Insofar as we are taught how to read, what we engage are texts but paradigms. First, any construction of a literary canon is a social construction; second, readers unconsciously engage texts from a certain point-of-view; and third, this unconscious bias present in all readers must be consciously and critically re-examined.

Annette Kolodny – Wikipedia

Her major scholarly writings examine the experiences of women on the Hte frontiers and the projection of female imagery onto the American landscape. The Twentieth Century”, deals with the increase of industrialization and the yearning both “to return to and to master the beautiful and bountiful femininity of the new continent.

On “Dancing Through the Minefield”.