dCine Technical Manual Version Version History Version Date Updated By Purpose James Gardiner Initial Creation James. With sleek, elegant looks, reference grade audio quality and outstanding features the Datasat RS20i is the leading choice for any audio enthusiast. The Datasat. This product contains software proprietary to Datasat Digital Entertainment and protected This manual explains the RS20i Audio Processor setup and operation. Parameters. AP General identifier for Datasat audio processor product.

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Datasat Digital | A History Of Audio Excellence

For example, to revert back to a previous version, remove the newer package and leave the package of the version you want in the v: Smaller theaters may use fewer positions. Check that the network devices are named correctly. Indigo is a better description of the colour but once racked and amongst the rest of my black gear it should match well. These cinema systems are usually controlled through an automation process that simulates buttons being pressed i.

A dCine can have more then one network interface installed.

Datasat AP20 Installation And Operating Manual

The value is based on a percentage. Volume, Mute and channel-select buttons are always displayed even if not in use.

Hi Guys, Wow – I turn around for a second and then there is a new thread with some sexy shots of the RS20i! This is the common protocol for keeping accurate time. Updating Your Ap20 Software The screen shown in Figure 7 will appear. It is recommended that you save the measurements before starting the optimization. The Media and Operations log files can be turned datssat but typically should not be.


Only channels that are checked become enabled and will be measured and optimized. The device type will also be displayed.

N Avigating The M Enus See the Automation section for more details. This option tells the dCine which of the configured displays should be used to display the Control GUI. This includes converting a local video signal from a play-out device ie. Place the microphone in the first measurement position. These portions of the Settings.

For genral operation, please refer to the user manual. The type of Streamers supported are: Only the magnitude response correction has to be recalculated; the impulse response correction remains the same regardless of the target response. Ieone streamer on to multiple manuzl.

This can be used to make the watermark appear for a longer period at the very start. They can be set satasat the interface and going to: Typically many installers leave the configuration on DHCP. This would be significant amount of work taking a very long time and costing a significant amount.

Datasat XD20 Setup guide |

When this playlist is saved, it will also add to the ingest queue all the media added from a remote location that is not currently available locally.


The Home Screen mqnual If you open this file, it will remove the registry setting that records the information about what is currently installed.

Use the Variables option to create a file containing variables that can be used by a Session information system in order to undertake its functions e. The list of device types that are compatible with the dCine software are: If a Key is required for amnual, this data source will be contacted to see if it is available.

Refer to section 1. In the example shown below Figure 18 the upper plot shows a situation where the cones were flabby; they were not being properly centered. These are external triggers that effect the theatre, such as lights, masking and doors. Time Zone Selection Selection of the dataxat zone is very important. Optimize System Screen Manjal resulting system responses are shown in the lower panel on the Optimize screen. The Operation log can become very large.

The blue plot is the average magnitude response for this channel.