Professor Everett L. Wheeler, review of The De Re Militari of Vegetius: The Reception, Transmission and Legacy of a Roman Text in the Middle Ages, ( review no. The treatise De re militari by Flavius Vegetius Renatus was the bible of Vegetius, who explicitly omitted cavalry from his exposition, became the. De Re Militavi, f86, Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge) .. xxxiii () ; id. , “The influence of Vegetius’ De re militari”, Milituty Afluirs.

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But even in winter, if it did not rain or snow, they were obliged to perform their drills in the field, mipitari an intermission of discipline should affect both the courage and constitution of the soldier.

A Critical Analysis of Flavius Vegetius’ De Re Militari | Walter Mangual –

Several others have followed his example, particularly Frontinus, whose elaborate works on this subject were so well received by the Emperor Trajan. Although Buttenwieser did not include Vegetius among the authors surveyed, her sources of information were similar to those I have used.

There is no reason to question rr general authorship, however. Father Stelten’s list, which appears as an appendix to his doctoral dissertation, an edition of the first two books of the De re militari, reflects the more available cataloguing knowledge of recent times but, being ancilliary to his main purpose, is also incomplete Giovanni a Carbonara in Naples ; Lang, xlii-xliii The Army of the early Empire was a formidable fighting force, but it probably was not in its entirety quite as good as Vegetius describes.

They swear by God, by Christ and by the Holy Ghost; and by the Majesty of the Emperor who, after God, should be the chief object of the love and veneration of milifari.

From such kind of services they were called munifices. We have observed that the legions had ten cohorts, the first of which, called the Millarian Cohort, was composed of men selected on account of their circumstances, birth, education, person and bravery. They arc provided with all sorts of arnms, arrows, fustibali, slings, stones, onagri and balistae for their defense.


Sallust, speaking of the excellence of Pompey the Great in these particulars, tells us that he disputed the superiority in leaping with the most active, in running with the most swift, and in exercises of strength with the most robust. The first tribune is appointed by the express commission and choice of the Emperor.

Every legion carried its ponton equipment, “small boats hollowed out of a single piece of cimber, with long cables or chains to fasten them together. The once mighty fighting force of the Roman Empire was now reduced to only a fraction of its former numbers.

The music of the legion consists of trumpets, cornets and buccinae. This is an invention of the militagi use, not only to soldiers, but also to gladiators.

The Military Institutions of the Romans (De Re Militari)

Second revised edition For, as the well trained soldier is eager for action, so does the untaught fear it. So influential was Vegetius’ book that it was considered as an essential field-guide well into the age of gunpowder.

The chief ensign of the whole legion is the eagle and is carried by the eagle-bearer. This is a reformation the advantages of which will be equally felt by ourselves and our posterity.

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It was a constant custom among the old Romans, confirmed by the Ordinances of Augustus and Hadrian, to exercise both cavalry and infantry three times in a month by marches of a certain length. Ottoboni ; Lang, xliii Waging war with foresight, calculation, avoidance of battle, and the exploitation of occasion, in short, the preference for brains over brawn — all these belong to the doctrine of stratagems, which became the dominant theme of ancient military theory, subsequently copied and elaborated in Byzantine treatises cf.


If a numerous army continues long in one place in the summer or in the autumn, the waters become corrupt and the air infected. Having shown the ancient establishment of the legion, we shall now explain the names of the principal soldiers or, to use the proper term, the officers, and their ranks according to the present rolls of the legions. Now I have to figure out the missing parts and whether I’m willing to buy them separately.

In the summer, the troops should never encamp without tents. Besides, scarcity of provisions, which is to be carefully guarded against in all expeditions, soon ruins such large armies where the consumption is so prodigious, that notwithstanding the greatest care in filling the magazines they must begin to fail in a short time. Back to 9 July For little can be expected from men who have both the enemy and diseases to struggle with. The appendix to his dissertation consists of a summary listing provided to him by the Institut de Recherche et d’Histoire des Textes in Paris in May Another cause of the weakness of our legions is that in them the soldiers find the duty hard, the arms heavy, the rewards distant and the discipline severe.

Walter Mangual 3 and dissidence. The interest of Italian humanists in the treatise insured that Italy would be the source of most fourteenth and fifteenth century copyings and northern France was not far behind as a source of interest in the treatise.