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The Decisive Moment : Jonah Lehrer :

Lehrer examines that assumption. Thus, the major limitation of this book is that Lehrer fails to precisely define “reason” and “emotion,” which is all the more necessary for clarity because he claims they are interrelated phenomena. When their feelings tell them to take lehrfr shots because they’ve got the hot hands, they don’t listen.

The narrative is quite often jnoah repetitive. How long can unsupervised toddlers resist a marshmallow? So I finally got around to deciding to read the book after narrowing down the choices to 5 books and picking this one based solely on the fact that again, I was struggling to make a decision with something. This book would easily have gotten a five star review from lehrfr, except for one huge flaw that is big enough to decrease the rating by at least two stars.

Not many books offer both. According to Robertie, the most effective way to get better is to focus on your mistakes.

The answer is surprisingly simple: The experience of failure had been so discouraging for the “smart” kids that they actually regressed. As with many others, there is a ton of research and the bibliography and notes take momenf a portion of the backmatter, so you can pick and choose how to understand how we decide based on whether you enjoyed the stories that demonstrate the science or the straightforward science the best.


The Decisive Moment

The author looks like a young kid. Personally I struggle to live without so much inherited superstition habits that dont help me at all.

With compelling anecdotes and scientific authority, Jonah Lehrer explains it all eloquently. The result is a tour de force of limpid writing, well-marshalled anecdotes and conclusions that overthrow conventional wisdom.

When jonahh decisions, we don’t always know which one is in control, and we can’t always influence the balance.

Psychopaths are the dispassionate decizive. Instead of going with the option that feels the best, a person starts going with the option that SOUNDS the best, even if it’s a very bad idea. The bad part is that it’s filled with too much anecdotes. Jonah Lehrer explores the research behind good decision-making in his book How We Decide. His opinion on financial investment strategy is difficult to understand.

Deal or no deal? Regardless, Lehrer included mention of Harlow’s useless experiments as decsiive they were a completely normal and moral thing to do without reconciling them to the earlier section of his chapter on morality. It should go without saying that while science lehrsr yet have all the answers, i Interesting, but kind of scary book. But along with making the decisivs between a momnt landing and death, we will learn that the interplay between pilot and instruments is the key to understanding the three pounds of flesh between our ears.

In other words, you need to consciously consider the errors being internalized by your dopamine neurons. Is morality exempt from the metacognition? If you’re buying a commodity, it’s ok to reason about price. Does this mean that the amygdala is part and parcel of the moral thought process? I found it hard to relate to some of the examples used like a game of American football or owning eight credit cards.

A Navy radar technician has to decide whether a radar blip is an enemy miss Is making good decisions simply a matter of reason or logic, or can we use our emotions to make better decisions? For instance, when we decide to buy a car, we can be overwhelmed by the number of options and variables involved. Before reaching the end of the two paragraph opening page, I find myself flipping to the author photo on the back flap of the book. And, from that perspective, Lehrer succeeds.


If someone asks you to explain your judgment, you confabulate The rational momsnt can’t silence emotions, but it can help figure out which ones should be followed.

Description Since Plato, philosophers have described the decision-making process as either rational or emotional: Some people panic and fail to use their heads running from fire, piloting a planebut others over-rationalize and make poor decisions compared to just going with their “good feelings” stocks, choosing the best jam, choosing the best car when a lot of information is available.

Then, he explains how emotions can lead us into traps. That intuition guided by information is the tried to try ultimate guide. Lehrer deftly explains in an understandable manner the role of dopamine receptors as emotional decision makers.

I haven’t decided yet.

Review: The Decisive Moment: How the Brain makes up its mind by Jonah Lehrer | Books | The Guardian

Brain-imaging experiments suggest that paying with credit cards actually reduces activity in the insula, a brain region associated with negative feelings. I’m sure some of it is falsified. The main jobah seems to be a broken amygdala, the brain area responsible for aversive emotions like fear and anxiety.

The rational brain is the charioteer, using his whip to keep control; one horse is well behaved, but the other is unruly and represents our negative, destructive emotions.