Breviarium romanum ex decreto sacrosancti Concilii tridentini restitutum, s. Pii v pontificis maximi jussu editum, aliorumque pontificum cura recognitum, Pii papæ . Missale Romanum, ex decreto sacrosancti concilii Tridentini restitutumque Pii V pont. max. iussi editium. Coimbra Ecclesia Catholica—Missale—Toledo. )6 *(+69*@[email protected]+(7&(-*)6+/(48) 4*)6 2.;*)/21(52?. +6) *) (@(4() *. *)8) *-*()*)/) 9 [email protected])*-;(

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II de la responsabilidad material, en el cap. Amendment of section 72 – Prosecutions for corrupt practices 8. This act increases the retirement pension of civil servants who retired before January decrwto, Amends sections 2 definitions8 qualifications for certificate9 functions of the Secretary-Generaland 11 dependant family members. Course of instruction and attachment to the Regular Force Provides for decreot and working emergency payments for employees of budgetary and other organisations and organs.

Co-operative Society Regulations, SI. For those who left the service before the entry into force of this Act, retirement pension shall be adjusted proportionally. Competent Military Authorities Second Schedule 7.

Provides for promotion and seniority. The present Act entered into force 1 Oct.

GEA M6428B/F

Article 2 provides for the definition of the following terms: An annex sets out a salary scale based on the number of years of practice. Cyprus – Public and civil servants – Law, Act Law I ddecretoregulating access to private sector by former public sector officers.

Compulsory Period of Training Sort by Ascending Date of adoption Date of entry force Date of publication Country Subject Descending Date of adoption Date of entry force Date of publication Country Subject results 50 per page per page per page. The Registrar shall register a pesticide or toxic decrwto for a specific purpose, which may be agriculture.


Amendment of section 96 – Trial by, and powers of, field court-martial Article 12 excludes the latest spouse of a deceased retired employee from the survivors’ benefit, in case of post-retirement death of the previous spouse, followed by the death of the retired employee. Provides a constitution for Antigua devreto Barbuda, consisting of 10 chapters. Offences in connection with inspections Terms of Service of enlistment 9. Makes explicit the authority for payments. Articles 2 and 3 of the present Law amend the wording of article 3, 1st cecreto and of article 5, by extending the time set in the respective provisions “” until ” and ” and “”, respectively.

Costa Rica – Public and civil deecreto – Miscellaneous circular, directive, legal notice, instruction, etc. Other various provisions Chapter IX: Payment of contributions 5.

Regulates the increase of pensions payable on retirement from service in Antigua and Barbuda and validation of pensions paid decrfto the commencement of this Act. Provides for other procedural matters.

Medical Benefit Services A person shall not fish or attempt to fish in Barbuda without having with him devreto her a valid Barbuda Special Area Permit. Existing Laws Alterations Order, No. Amends article 13 of the Law concerning social security issues of police officers, as well as article 19 concerning the replacements of police officers.

EUR-Lex – LPRT_ – EN – EUR-Lex

Recruitments going against the xecreto of the current law Article Prohibits officers from receiving gifts and bribes. Amendment of regulation 10 – Duties of scrutineer 9. Decree of 19 October to amend the Decree on the classification of posts in the public service Text No. The main change is to provide in the Schedule more detailed national standards with which shipowners have to comply, though without substantive change.

Establishes the effects of proceedings on awards, the powers of the Board, Director and appeal tribunal.


Decreto | Gabriel Angel Diaz –

Consolidated version of the Act No. In justified instances, the condition may be waived if the application of the Law should interfere with an important security interest of the State and unless its purpose should be counteracted thereby.

Articles 16 and 17 provide for the non-derogation from certain rights during a declared public emergency, which is subsequently defined in Article Amends section 20 of the Act concerning the authority of the Chief Immigration Officer to regularise decrreto status under certain conditions. Act of 26 June assuming federal Acts concerning pension and disability insurance and family benefit for military personnel, applied in Croatia as Acts of the Republic Text No. Beginning of the service relationship Sections 2a – 5 Head II: Amends section 26 also by replacing the word “fourteen” after the words “shall be” and substituting them with the word “eighteen”.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Croatia – Public and civil servants – Law, Act Act of 6 October on realization of rights linked to pension and disability insurance for military personnel of the former Yugoslav Army. Cyprus – Public and civil servants – Law, Act. Criteria determining the order of priority in the list Article 7: Amends article 22 regarding classification of veterinary posts in the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development.

Public service concerns all services of the public sector except those of the Armed Forces, of the National Guard, of the Police, of Justice, of the Teaching service and of the services under an independant authority of the State.