Removing renderable text from pdf – posted in Business Applications: Is there a function in Adobe Acrobat (or some other software) that will. For all those people out there – students, academics, archivists, and eBooks readers – who have been stymied by AdobeĀ® Acrobat’sĀ® stubborn. A-PDF OCR is an effective application that works for your convenience. It enables you to get the texts from the scanned paperwork and PDF.

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Anonymous September 20, at 2: Most academics will be dealing with scanned delee, where the “document” is actually just a series of images of pages stored in the. If somebody can suggest something I would be very happy.

The Internet is so big, so powerful and pointless that for some people it is a complete substitute for life. Does not work to remove renderable text. Posted 16 January – You have been a patient man for nearly 4 years on this issue.

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However, a less than pristine, older scan may not fair so well after all this decoding and delwte. Depending on the version of Acrobat you have, the message may read something like: If you document only has a tiny bit of text on it, then why are you concerned with “OCRing” it at all?


Anonymous June 4, at 1: Robertson October 11, at I hope this helps.

Just print the PDF to the Acrobat print driver with settings advanced “as image”. I was able to search a large document after following these steps.

Ideationizing: How to remove Renderable Text from .PDF files to allow OCR

By printing the document to this virtual printer, the new PDF that is created will often avoid having the renderable text issue. After 5 hours of trying to recognize text in a page document only a portion would be recognized I found your post. Anna Bergevin October 20, at Anonymous November 23, at Go to bed and get some sleep. By the wording of the message you received, it seems that the “offending” graphic is something that is drawn with vector graphics rather than a raster image.

Rendetable document I converted back to pdf still had renderable text in it although not as much as it did originally and after OCR recognition was completed, the remaining text was so blurry it could not be read. It will read the file and not raise any red flags.

PDF created the first time. The OCR is essentially just thrown in for good measure. Grant Robertson November 21, at 8: Anonymous February 24, at 3: OCR will allow you to select the textual content.


Fix the OCR error Could Not Perform Recognition in Acrobat

However, the images within the document may not look as good as the originals. This message will sometimes occur when trying to make a scanned paper PDF file text searchable also know as adding OCR to a document. TIFF forces one re-encoding and then reading the file back into Acrobat forces the images to be re-encoded back into.

I tried this with the free trial of Nitro, using their create PDF function. Robertson September 12, at After you have found the graphic s that block OCR you could open the original document and try to copy and paste the graphics back into your OCRed file. Tchaves January 2, at However when I went to actually print the document, the top portion of the email was stripped out. PDF file size is only slightly less ginormous than the.