Annamayya Keerthana – Deva Devam Bhaje Lyrics in Telugu: దేవ దేవం భజే దివ్యప్రభావమ్ | రావణాసురవైరి రణపుంగవమ్ ||. రాజవరశేఖరం. Deva Devam Bhaje Song Lyrics(Atharintiki Daaredi): Deva Devam Bhaje Divya Prabhavam Ravanasura Vairi Ranapungavam. Deva Devam Bhaje Annamacharya Krithi lyrics. Deva devam bhaje divya prabhavam. ravanasura vairi rana pungavam. Raja vara sekharam.

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He lifted the invincible bow of Janaka which was obtained from Siva. You are Lord Vishnu with thousand names. My disciplined life enabled me to sing. Rama’s physical dvam is described in the first two lines. Instructions to verify your updated email address have been sent Thank you! It is beyond my capacity to praise you both.

He established Dharma He is the lord of Sita the daughter of the earth. We use cookies for marketing and to give you the best experience.

New Password Please choose a new password. Please check your email. The reference to battle bull is to signify the rigor and strength of Rama in battle equivalent to a bull.


A word to word meaning of Annamayya’s Keerthanas, along with discussion on the meaning of each drvam, in an attempt for better understanding is presented. Nitya santoshini’s rendition of the song can be found by clicking here. He majestically reclines on Adi Sesha.

Your name bestows all satisfaction.

Xevam Choodagane Song Lyrics. Available on the Appstore Get it on Google Play. Deva Devam Song Lyrics Devadevam bhaje divya prabhavam Ravanasura vairi rana pungavam ramam Devadevam bhaje divya prabhavam Vela sumagandhamula gaali alala Kalala chirunavvulatho kadhilinadu Raala hrudayala thadimeti thadila Karuna gala varunudai kariginadu Athanoka aakasham Antherugani soonyam Aaviri meghale aathani sontham Aaramarikala vairam Kalchedi angaram Velugula vaibhogam aathani nayanam Praana runa bandhamula Tharuvunu pudamiga niluputa thana gunam Devadevam bhaje divya prabhavam Ravanasura vairi rana pungavam ramam Devadevam bhaje divya prabhavam Climax Scene Lyrics!

Hello, Nice description and word to word meaning given. As always, any comments that help in better understanding of this keerthanam are highly appreciated. But when ddeva is defeated and recognises Rama to be an incarnation of Vishnu, Parasuram had no choice but to leave Rama alone without killing.


She is the Mother of Creation She is like a bracelet on your wrist. Teja vakalapudi July 12, at Please do let me know. Your heart is the birth place of Manmatha.

I did devvam find the meaning of tala hinaga while careful study lead to kala hinaga as Yama. Please enable them to sign in. Srividya June 28, at 8: This recording isn’t ready yet. You both resemble the moon and moon light You both are like flower and its fragrance.

The song can be found by clicking here.

Attarintiki Daredi Deva Devam Song Lyrics: – Lyrics Basket

SubbulakshmiRadha Viswanathan Vocal Support. Oh Venkatesa,she is the most fascinating woman. About This Song Singers M. We will send a password lyrcis email to your email address. Thats actually a good catch, I missed in the first place.

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