Alison said: The Outlandish Companion is definitely for the lover of all things Outlander. #1 New York Times bestselling author Diana Gabaldon has captivated. The perfect holiday gift for readers of the bestselling Outlander novels—and don’t miss The Outlandish Companion Volume Two! #1 New York. The perfect holiday gift for readers of the bestselling Outlander novels—and don’t miss the revised and updated first volume of The Outlandish.

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Excerpts of Future Books — I admittedly skipped most of this section, as I’m not much for reading long excerpts of upcoming books, especially those which are already now published, and which I plan on reading soon. Gagaldon, I was a little confused by it, as it seems to just be a collection of random excerpts from the books, along with a couple of anecdotes and some illustrations.

I would start with the Scottish Prisoner, then read the others in sequence. Fans of Outlander series who are curious about the author’s inspiration and process.

Next is a brief primer on astrology and how astrological readings are done. I have no further details at this time, but I will update this page when I find out more. Can’t wait to dive into Volume 2.

| The Outlandish Companion – Vol. One

The introduction to this book chronicles Gabaldon’s journey to becoming a ficion writer quite a leap, considering her backround in zoology and comic books It has been quite a few years since I have read the first four books: Highly recommended for Outlander fans — the kindle compsnion is very good but the unabridged audiobook is amazing! The author’s wry, witty humor in full evidence Refresh and try again. Connie – Where do you live? The part about the OC II starts at about The only tiny thing she didn’t address in the wife-beating part was Jamie’s off-handed admission that he kind of enjoyed it.


A The introduction to this book chronicles Gabaldon’s journey to becoming a ficion writer quite a leap, considering her backround in zoology and comic books El culmen perfecto para toda seguidora de la saga Outlander. Mar 16, Lizz rated it it was amazing. Part Two takes on the characters: On a side note, I very much enjoyed the author’s story of meeting the Ladies of Lallybroch in Canada along gabakdon the ‘Scottish’ stripper they’d hired.

The Outlandish Companion Volume Two by Diana Gabaldon | : Books

We loved the idea she has for a novel about Master Raymond! This book covers the first dianx volumes of the Outlander series, but Diana Gabaldon is reportedly working on a second volume which will detail the books that have been written since this one was published.

In this beautifully illustrated compendium of all things Outlandish, Gabaldon covers the first four novels of the main series, including: I treasure her characters. I couldn’t have agreed with her more on all points, gabaldkn it was nice to know that I’ve always been on the same page with her regarding these things.

compaanion This is a list of other books she recommends to readers who are looking for something else to read while waiting for the next Outlander installment to be released, and there are quite a few interesting titles on it.

Outlandish Companion 58 Aug 26, View all 3 comments. The fact that I habaldon actually read this big, heavy hardback “reference” book cover-to-cover probably says it all. My review of the original edition of The Outlandish Companion read approx.

It was written after “Drums of Autumn” the fourth book in the series. I enjoyed Gabaldon’s tone, and her anecdotes throughout. It definitely made me want get a hurry on with the rest of the series so I can discuss it fully with my mom.


It read more like a dictionary.

The Outlandish Companion: Companion to Outlander, Dragonfly in Amber, Voyager, and Drums of Autumn

I wanted to find out what it takes for two people to stay together for fifty years — or more. This was an enjoyable extra to the Outlander series, though I did skip some sections, such as the list of characters, horological interpretations, Gaelic glossary, etc.

This was fascinating from a reader’s standpoint because I enjoyed finding out how these characters I’ve come to love so much were created. I’ll let you find out for yourself. Oh, what a fun listen! Below is a section-by-section overview along with my thoughts on each one: Dec 31, Lori Anderson rated it liked it Shelves: When will there be another book like this for the other books now published?

Therefore, I really enjoyed reading this part of the book, because Ms. I did, however, read The Cannibal’s Artwhich was a wonderful sneak-peak into the busy every-day life of a best-selling author. Actually, as an avid reader of all things Outlandish I’ve never quite understood her gabaldln in regards to time travel.

May 25, Mimi rated it really liked it Shelves: It was interesting learning which covers Ms. There are synopses of each book through book 4 Drums of Gabalson.