console by dropping SC48 right into an existing cabling system. live sound systems operate under easy-to-use VENUE software, simply learn it once and you. View and Download Avid Technology VENUE SC48 manual online. Digital Mixer with Dual Power Supply. VENUE SC48 Music Mixer pdf manual download. SC48 Guide – Read more about input, output, channels, venue, snapshots and snapshot. DM V2 Owner’s Manual – Yamaha Commercial Audio.

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All user reviews for the Digidesign Venue SC48

The Events Window Multiple events can be selected to test, reset, duplicate, Event List items, commands and displays clear or delete them, but only one new event can be created at one time.

Click the Load button. Peak Hold Time can digidesivn set within a range of 0—20 seconds. Undoing Snapshot Commands Use Undo with caution in perfor- Click the green Enable icon in the row for the desired snap- mance. Page Recall Safe tab transfer Recall Safe configurations. Overview and Installation www. Press the Pan switch in the Output encoder section.

Double-click in the Notes field and enter text. P in front of the name of the Aux in the LCD. Pro Tools signal digidwsign to play back the main ste- reo mix through two available Input or FX Return channels.

VENUE Live Sound Systems Documentation

Adjust one of the 16 faders controlling the selected graphic EQ bands. USB Ports for iLoks recommended update, the system will ask you to confirm the installation procedure. Matrix Mixers The Outputs section offers 8 mono or up to four paris of stereo-linked Matrix mixers for setting up alternate mixes, fill and delay feeds, and cue, monitor or press mixes.

  ALI M1489 PDF

Channel Con- Using Channel Control is digidesiyn simple as selecting one or more trol also lets you create a custom User set of controls for im- channels and choosing a Channel Control function to adjust While tapping, the calculated tempo is also shown in the Status area of the screen.

If you proceed with the removal: Side-chain level may vary dramatically depending on where the Key signal is sourced. Select the desired event to display its assigned triggers. When off, the plug-in con- as EQ, Dynamics, and Delay. Hardware Monitoring Window Hardware Mnaual Alert dialog for the problem device appears automatically and identifies the reading that is out of specification.

Go to the Plug-Ins page.

Digidesign SC48

Absolute Edit Mode Enters Edit mode when trigger is true; exits via Absolute when trigger Toggle default goes false Relative Edit Mode Enters Edit mode when trigger is true; exits via Relative when trigger Toggle default goes false www. You can assign plug-ins to spe The selected snapshots are updated according to dibidesign changes and your choice of Absolute or Relative edit.

Under Meter, enter a value for the Peak Hold Time. Partners must be re-installed separately. Page The state of the Aux controls follow the state of the corre- sponding controls on the Input Channels assigned to the Mains: Connecting Audio On standard systems with a single AO16 card in slot D, hardware outputs are numbered 1— Or, right-click a se- lected event and choose Duplicate.


Go to the Options page and click the Interactions tab. Using the Dgidesign Softwar To set the link status of individual mono Group busses on a channel Expert Mode only: Up and Down Arrow keys to increase and decrease the selected value. Apply methods used for stereo linking Auxes.


The current solution based on VNC, is frankly not very practical with a tablet, but still has the merit to exist! Side config is a little more difficult. Click the on-screen In button in the Oscillator section.

Page Clear a second time to clear channel solos, if any. Recall Safe tab transfer Recall Safe configurations. Delay Sets a delay for time-aligning headphones to the house system.

It should remain accessible after installation. Signal Flow Diagrams Plug-Ins switch brings the matching width for Analog EQ mode.

The 6-character Selected Channel display shows the name of the currently selected channel. This feature is useful to temporarily unmute a channel during a line check without having to release the entire Mute Group Assign or VCA. Side-chain digideisgn is not stored in snapshots. The selected You can also use the Arrow keys instead of the trackball to as- www. Channel Type Available Pickoff Points www.