Discourse on Colonialism is an essay by Aimé Césaire, a poet and politician from Martinique who helped found the négritude movement in Francophone. Half a century later Aimé Césaire’s Discourse on Colonialism has lost nothing of its dynamism and incantory power. Robin Kelley’s introduction is a valuable tool. Aime Cesaire – Discourse on Colonialism By Baba G. Jallow Cesaire begins his Discourse on Colonialism with a severe indictment of Western civilization.

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But reading texts like this, 70 years old yet still a dizzying gut punch in only 78 pages! That alone gives it a place in history.

Aime Cesaire – Discourse on Colonialism. American domination, he warns, is “the only domination from which one never recovers.

Discourse on Colonialism – Aimé Césaire – Google Books

What I love most, is the power it gives me, as an Arab, to tell those who try to convince me of their racial superiority, or those who are acting on self-imposed sense of authority to go fuck themselves. I’m still working on finishing that book, so thoroughly did Cesaire take over my attention. So that part was interesting because I know absolutely nothing about this guy. As a member of the Martinican Communist Party, he does have some o yet in Cesaide, which he later broke with; as the introductory essay by Robin D.

Discourse on Colonialism

Why not Columbus or Cortez or Pizarro—men who also left a bloody trail of corpses and despair? Cesaire combines poetry and history with a fierce and often humorous approach, the result is an almost mystical denunciation of colonialism. How is it that in a mere 78 pages, Cesaire can eviscerate whole coloniallsm regimes of thought with such bracing sarcasm and withering humor?

We are roughly introduced to the concept of negritudewhich for the author means recovering the shared African past for all the world’s black people in order not to feel apologetic about working toward a shared black future, and the philosophical seeds that would sprout in Fanon’s Black Skins, White Masks and Glisant’s essays are apparent.

Still, one can dream. It is to Cesaire’s credit that he understood that it was much easier to formally dismantle colonialism, than to get rid of the colonial state itself. Every day that passes, every denial of justice, every beating by the police, every demand of the workers that is drowned in blood, every scandal that is hushed up, every punitive expedition, every police van, every gendarme and every militiaman, brings home to us the value of our old societies. Somethings things have to be repeated before they can be heard.


You know the old refrain: So, naturally his writing is poetic than academic. Point to the fact that the Madagascans had a history of revolt against French occupation, and Mannoni would tell you that was simply the expression of neurotic behavior. Kelly which is titled as “A Poetics of Anticolonialism. Cesaire does stray into a few grey areas, though.

Feb 04, James F rated it it was amazing Shelves: Dec 11, Donna-marie Cole-malott rated it it was amazing. Cesaire makes the bold statement that Nazism is so infamous in Europe because An angry snarl of resentment and righteous anger, an indictment of centuries of crimes.

In order to justify their moral relativism, they depict other people as barbaric animals, but in the actions they take following this rhetorical maneuver, they transform themselves into animals. I seem to arrive very discoursr at certain key powerful texts.

This should be read in every 3rd-year-of-high-school history course. Partly I blame my relatively conservative suburban school district, partly I blame myself for turning what was supposed to be a liberal arts undergraduate degree into mostly science and math no philosophy!

This was originally published in French in — an earlier version in — right at the beginning of the anti-colonial movement which followed World War II. He writes that when millions of blacks were tortured in Africa, coolies were killed in India, people were tortured in Madagascar the people in Europe never raised an objection. It was a really nice and simple style used to describe and analyse a question that long has been on top.

In reality, colonization had actually distorted material progress and slowed the process of Europeanization, because Europe was denying to the colonized peoples the roads, schools, ports and other facilities that it had provided and continued to provide in the home countries.

According to the introduction, this book influenced many later, better known writings on the anti-colonial struggle, such as the books by Fanon, and some of so-called post-colonial theorists, which may be why it seems strangely familiar despite its originality. Discourse on Colonialism French: It is evident, Cesaire argues, that all such pronouncements are the cesaite of little and chauvinistic minds that are unable to appreciate the universal reality that all men are endowed with reason.


Partly I blame my relatively conservative suburban scho Wow. Retrieved from ” https: The relations inherent in colonization are relations of power and domination.

Discourse on Colonialism – Wikipedia

Callois, Cesaire indicates, are significant not only because they reflect the mind of the Western petty aimf, but also because while it touted the virtues of humanism, Europe was at that material point in time the furthest in reality from practicing the humanity it so discurse mouthed. Help Center Find new research papers in: Feb 19, Ioana rated it it was amazing Shelves: Dec 23, Randall Wallace rated it it was amazing. As I became exposed to social justice and began learning about racism in a way you would never learn in school, I notice even amongst family members and people I go to school with, even I have perpetuated it at some point, we all do, things such as Colorism, Anti-Blackness.

I make a systematic defense of the riscourse destroyed by imperialism.

The Introduction by Robin Kelley is worth the price of the book alone, I read it after I colonkalism finished the discourse, not only is it full of valuable information on the Anti Colonialist movement of the time, it really captures the essence of the discourse itself.

Another colonialist, Count d’Herisson, declares: A civilization that uses its principles for trickery and deceit is a dying civilization. No trivia or quizzes yet. One of the most essential books for anyone committed to freedom. Temple’s claim that the Negro was not interested in material progress, that all he needed was to be respected as a human being, and that when he came into contact with the European, the Negro “integrated us into their hierarchy of life forces at a very high level” p.