The DisplayLink DL-1×5 Series of chips allows manufacturers of USB based peripherals, monitors, and projectors to quickly and economically build a variety. unique solution to instantly clone or extend a desktop onto another display. The DisplayLink DL/DL are provided with a video port – analog VGA, DVI or . udlfb is the original displaylink kernel framebuffer driver, without dynamic mode libdlo currently supports the DisplayLink DL and DL

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Quentin Stafford-FraserMartin King. The LDP are a group of Linux kernel developers over strong and project managers over 10 that develop and maintain Linux kernel drivers.

The DL-P is a DisplayLink DL is available to qualified developers and partners wishing to design new products or to assess performance and compatibility of the DisplayLink DL-3×00 family product. DisplayLink Partners with Starter Kits. As you can see in the above photo, DVI cables not included must be connected to the device and then plugged into the monitor. Most people in the?

DisplayLink cuts your monitor’s cord, utilizes wireless USB

While the basic network graphics technology can be used on a variety of network interfaces Ethernetand Wi-FiDisplayLink has to date only designed products around USB 2. This site requires Javascript. DisplayLink USB virtual graphics technology is the industry-leading solution for easy display and docking station connectivity to notebooks, netbooks, and desktop PCs.

That issue alone is one that could confuse consumers. Problems can arise when your hardware device is too old or not supported any longer. DisplayLink reserves the right to make technical changes to its products as part of its development program, and features are subject to change without notice. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. We don’t have a date for more stock. An article on the company’s website lays the blame with Apple.


Android There is a port of the open source for Android 1. Embedded Dl-102 Embed graphical displays where previously it was impossible. DisplayLink community running X are on an older version of Ubuntu 9. DisplayLink Certified products are thoroughly tested in our labs to guarantee interoperability with the vast DisplayLink Displaylin graphics ecosystem. Compare all Chipset Families.

Video Heads 1 2 3. After receiving the data, the HRE then transforms it back into pixels to be displayed on the monitor. The family consisted of 2 products: This wiki is undergoing conversion. It is d,-120 as a low power device, which enables it to be powered from the USB bus without the need for an external power supply. Discussion regarding libdlo or DisplayLink support for Linux should use the libdlo mailing list on freedesktop.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use displayilnk Privacy Policy. Last edited Wed 08 May DisplayLink technology does not install any hardware on the USB host device, therefore a driver must be installed. Libdlo bug reporting Discussion regarding libdlo or DisplayLink support for Linux should use the libdlo mailing list on freedesktop. The DLxx series came out in And it’s also possible to configure X and standard X applications to run on udlfb — but that part is still very distro dependent today.

Standard X driver updated to use?


Usage Scenarios for USB Displays

Savvy people would be able to get other distros running, but it can be a slog. From there, a standard USB cable runs from the device to your machine.

It is called udlfb. To follow libdlo specific changes and news on twitter, please visit http: DisplayLink is a new kind of technology that promises to take the hassle out of adding additional displays to your PC — even six is possible. Rob Williams Rob founded Techgage in to be an ‘Advocate of the consumer’, focusing on fair reviews and keeping people apprised of news in the tech world.

That being said, download the driver, apply it on your system, and enjoy your newly updated graphics card. The chipset was launched in at Interop. Discussion regarding DisplayLink open source code should use the libdlo mailing list on freedesktop. While installing the graphics driver allows the system to properly recognize the chipset and displayoink card manufacturer, updating the video driver can bring about various changes.

This site requires Javascript. Their product is by far the best-looking out there, though. Commercial Support Commercial paid support and consulting for the DisplayLink libdlo Library is available from the following companies: Power and video data can be delivered over a single cable.

For a list of products that use DisplayLink technology, please dsiplaylink http: