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DODD , National Committee for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve DODD and DOD R, Executive Summary, March NUMBER May 12, USD(AT&L). SUBJECT: The Defense Acquisition System. References: (a) DoD Directive , “The Defense Acquisition. follows in achieving those objectives are described in DoD Directive and DoD. Instruction The Defense Acquisition Guidebook is designed to.

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DoD Directives

It appears that in today’s environment tliis will continue to change and to give the PM oriented personnel their proper reecKTnition and reward. Cullin Itiis study project report represents the views, conclusions and reconmen- dations of the author and does not necessarily reflect the official opinion of the Defense Systcans Managenent College or the Department of Defense.

However, it is not as important as having the recognition that there will be decision accountability through- out the acquisition structure.

The second phase of the methodology was to review the background of DODD Early conccpit fomiulation efforts wore normally cxanducted at the discretion of the service uiitil such tire as it determined that a major program should be pursued.

It is of limited detail and reflects the following subjects: This fdnase included the review of those studies, reports, and other actions which had a direct impact on the di- rective revision. Program managers are held singularly responsible to report iimEdiately significant program exceptions including projected threshold breaches to the Service Secretary and SECDEF.

For addi- tional background on these roexxmendations and much of the policy set both in Circular A, see COGP report. SyEN makes informative reading for the project professional, containing scores of news and other items summarizing developments in the field of systems engineering and in directly related fields. Seme of the major AMARC recomnendat ions were implemented inmediately by the Army and actually preceded similar policy dianges contained in tlie revi.

AR along with a series of detailed im- plementing regulations is currently undergoing a major review within the Army staff to incorporate the major policy changes contained in DOIX This exception does not apply to a multiyear contract or a contract with options or phases. Volume 2, Part C, pages The new policy is intended to affect reforms that will reduce cost overruns and diminish the controversy of the past two decades on whether new systems are needed.


SATC, the revised directive places the service acquisition decision-making pro- cess under civilian control. B To the acquisition of systems, subsystems, and components below the thresholds for major defense acquisition programs, to the extent prescribed DoDD This program is to identify and to develop cjualified officers to support future requirements for project nanagers and other senior officials with- in the materiel development activities.

It will make the Army’s civilian leadership an active participant in the acquisition decision- making process.

This is not considered a major alteration of the current process and, for the most part, will be a formal product of the gestation process and mission ai’ea analysis. The staff functional activities have to be aligned so that they are supporting the FM and to provide a monitoring of acquisition policies within their func- tional expertise.

The changes rejemphasize the need for a strong single program manager concept supported by highly skilled and motivated personnel. Hartman, DAC, for their time spent during interviews and their helpful information and suggestions that were used in the pre- paration of dod study report.

In effect, decentralization implies increased civilian control and participation in the service ac- juisition decision process. Specific Goals of the Project The goals of the project were focused on the recent major changes to DOD oddd weapon systems acquisition policies and their implementa- tion in the Army’s acquisition management process.

Addi- tionally, the directive requires that vhen a line official above the pro- gram manager exercises his decision authority on program matters, he will I document the direction and be held accountable for his decision. Without the latter, the program will be influenced by external pressures beyond the PM’s oontrol. For the policy 5000.1 be effective, it must be clearly stated in the directives, regulations and guidelines, and most importantly, enforced by each line official throughout the management chain.

The studies and reports and the flow of information which in- fluenced the policy changes in the revised DODD As required by U. A- “, Washington, D. Other acquisition plans may be written on either a program or an individual dodc basis.


DoD Directive – AcqNotes

Department of Defense, Depart me nt of Defe nse Direct ive After pro- gram approval, the designee will assume the role of Program Manager and will be given a charter for the establishment dofd his proctram office and program objectives. Firm estinates for performance, cost and schedules are then to be documented in the updated DCP for approval at the Milestone II decision point.

The basis for this procedures is to provide a tinely low-risk full-scale development with a firm requirement. After identification and examination of these changes, the study methodology focused on a review of the background of DODD These policies were focused on a concept of a single program manager who was chartered with suificient authority to accortplish 50000.1 program objective.

Please click here 500.1 complete a registration request form. The current Army’s materiel concept initiation investigations are provided for under a process called: 500.1 managers should schedule updates to coincide with DAB reviews and the transition from one phase to another e. The MENS is used to document the mission need and to provide essential support- ing and planning infomvition, such as projected threat, existing DOD cap- ability and deficiencies, and laiown constraints.

Additionally, tliere have been major doodd within the Army to rcnxivc the promotion stitima associated with career patterns other than through cormiand progression. For acquisitions covered by paragraphs Whether or not the Army takes advantage of these relaxed controls and increased responsibility will depend on coipetont and effective per- formance. Any program exceptions or vixriances recpjiring SECCEF decisions, other them the four decision points, are to be resolveci with the OSD staff having primary functional responsibility.

Access the SE Goldmine A username and password is required for access to the resources. These actions are dod by the definition of the operational, tech- nical and logistical concepts in an LQA vihich is the document of record supporting the system advanced development program.

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