There are wide varieties of bugs, either their nymph or adult forms that will attract ants. The ants protect the bugs from their predators and in return, the bugs. Image is of ant (Dolichoderus thoracicus) adult(s). It is by Eli Sarnat. Abstract. The Dolichoderus thoracicus (Smith) has seriously infested urban, village, and agricultural environments in Taiwan. To develop.

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A thorough taxonomic review of this complex appears to be urgently indicated, not at least because of the frequent occurrence, wide distribution and considerable economic importance e. Dorsum of mesosoma with deep and broad concavity; erect hairs present.

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Miridaeblack pod disease, and mammalian pests in cocoa in Malaysia. Thoraciicus by Smith inthe species is widespread in Asia. The last one was in a deformed leaf Heritiera littoralis likely caused by bug infection. Infraspecies Dolichoderus thoracicus lacciperdus.

Dolichoderus thoracicus

Formicidae on losses due to Helopeltis theivora Heteroptera: Dolichoderus thoracicus is a morphologically variable species Emery, eas evidenced by the high number of subspecific names Shattuck, This page has been accessed 8, times. Cataenococcus hispidus MorrisonMaconellicoccus hirsutus GreenPlanococcus lilacinus CockerellPseudococcus elisae Borchsenius, now known to be P.

Sign In Forgot password? In Singapore, this ant is common in nature parks and usually appears in large contingent protecting certain bugs including their nymphs or in long marching column. ADW doesn’t cover all species in the world, thoraxicus does it include all the latest scientific information about organisms we describe.


CambodiaIndiaLaosThailandVietnam. You may create an account, or log in anonymously, here. Change View Bolton World Catalog.

Sign In or Create an Account. Dalla Torre, PDF: It had even landed in my potted plant area since June supported dolidhoderus by the scale insects on the Cow Pea plant Macroptilium lathyroides. To cite this page: As already stated by Donisthorpe thorqcicus, D. It is possible that the native range of D. Dolichoderus thoracicus bilikanus Santschi, Dolichoderus thoracicus borneonensis Roger, Dolichoderus thoracicus lacciperdus Santschi, Dolichoderus thoracicus levior Karavaiev, Dolichoderus thoracicus nasutus Karavaiev, Dolichoderus thoracicus rufescens Stitz, For example, the rather rare Dolichoderus sp.

Specimen Habitat Summary Found most commonly in these habitats: Global Georegions Bioregions Projects Museums. Hypoclinea bituberculata Mayr, Hypoclinea sellaris Roger, Email alerts New issue alert. Retrieved from ” https: Dolichoderus thoracicus bilikanusDolichoderus thoracicus borneonensisDolichoderus thoracicus emarginatusDolichoderus thoracicus lacciperdusDolichoderus thoracicus leviorDolichoderus thoracicus nasutusDolichoderus thoracicus rufescens Taxonomic History provided by Barry Bolton, Extant: When I started to pay more attention to ants in latethis ant caught my immediate attention because of its abundance in a nearby park which had preserved some wild areas from an old rubber tree plantation.

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Judging from the different shapes of their nests observed so far, it is likely to be opportunistic occupation of shelters or nests build by other insects or by taking advantage of existing structures One of the nests shown below was wrapped in a leaf of a Portia Tree Thespesia populneawhich I suspect may belong to the Weaver Ant Oecophylla smaragdina in the past.


Miridae from cocao tree Theobroma dolichoderuss. This article is also available for rental through DeepDyve. There are wide varieties of bugs, either their nymph or adult forms that will attract ants. Formicidae in relation to their success as biological control agents on cocoa.

Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. The consumption of each bait solution was also measured, and the results were similar to those for ant number. Although it has not been reported to have established outside of Asia, the species has been intercepted occasionally at US ports of entry, and several interceptions are recorded from New Zealand Ward et al. Termination of Diapause in the Boll Weevil Coleoptera: The Dolichoderus thoracicus Smith has seriously infested urban, village, and agricultural environments in Taiwan.

Classification Kingdom Animalia animals Animalia: Over the years when I frequent this park, I observed that this ant had gradually taken over the territories previously occupied by the weaver ants and the yellow crazy ants. Dolichoderus thoracicus Smith, F. While a clear delimination of these forms based upon morphological characters is very difficult, there are in some cases very obvious biological or ethological differences.

These ants were nursing scale insects found on the leaf of a Sea Apple tree Syzygium grande. Coccus viridis GreenAphidoidea: