The only display of civic pride evident in Donald Ray Pollock’s first book is a blue tattoo — the words “Knockemstiff, Ohio” — etched “like a road. “More engaging than any new fiction in years.” —Chuck Palahniuk An unforgettable work of fiction that peers into the soul of a tough Midwestern. The majority of the inhabitants of Knockemstiff, Ohio – a town so insignificant it has long since vanished from any map – seem straight out of.

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I’m ambivalent about shock-value material in arts n’ entertainment. These anecdotes of redneck life shift from funny to sad with the drop of a comma, almost always violent in some way but somehow polock depicting the emotional destruction and inner turmoil of the characters.

I also surprisingly enjoyed Disciplineabout a bodybuilder trying to get his son into a local competition. May 12, Adam rated it it was ok.

Knockemstiff by Donald Ray Pollock.

I would always want more. I experienced each story as a distinct entity with a satisfying beginning, middle, and end.

The station wagon next to us started up and moved to another spot down the row. For Say howdy to a bunch of wife-beating, lowlife, scumbag ne’er do wells.

Review: Knockemstiff by Donald Ray Pollock | Books | The Guardian

As knockemtsiff the tales themselves, I can’t even begin to narrow down which one is my favorite. Come, ye gentrified reading public, and marvel at the escapades of the proud, wayward savages of the impoverished Midwest!

Wrong of course, but knocksmstiff feels right to me. Hell, you even titled a story “Fish Sticks”, right after mentioning fish sticks in the previous story, and maybe even the one a step or two back from that. Pollock’s voice is unique, and I was very impressed by this collection. Reprinted with permission of the publisher, Doubleday.

‘Knockemstiff’ Writer Pulls No Punches

Yet Pollock’s portrayals are non-judgmental and strangely appealing. We are experiencing technical difficulties. He takes you there Knockemstiff is a genuine entry into the literature of place. Otherwise you can probably pick a couple pieces, get the gist, and politely bow out. Mar 10, Pages. I could almost see a garden of moss slowly spreading over her secret resting place.


May knockemsgiff, Richard Derus rated it really liked it. By the time he ran me down in that cornfield, he was so pissed that he had his boys pol,ock me while he chipped my front teeth out one by one donaald a spike nail he pulled out of a rotten fence post. Do you know knockemdtiff many young people and inanimate objects are sexualized in this collection?

Oh, and speaking of tricky bastardness, while I was reading this beyond offensive orgy of human train-wreckiness, I was super excited to finish it, get on goodreads, and just gape in awe at the sprawling panorama of insults slung at Pollock for his senseless, godless depravity.

I’m feeling too lazy to share them here, some of the topics included ‘how calenders lie’, ‘why I don’t trust the post-office’, and ‘how even going on the internet at all causes identity theft’ followed up by, ‘how I’m smarter than all those other motherfuckers’, this particular man was pontificating right in front of where the cable was that I needed to ra, so I spent longer than I should have listening to him The point of that blabbing is that after my years of careful study of them I feel like Pollock nailed them so well.

Besides, my old man hated movies. It is a collection of short stories kknockemstiff around the residents of that town and they are loosely connected to each other. Knockemstiff by Donald Ray Pollock. Mom had forgotten to pack the old man’s special cup, and so khockemstiff was shot in the ass as far as he was concerned.

The stories or scenes in Knockekstiff are all impactful if desperately sad and grim. Since Pollock named the bar owner Hap Collins, I doubt the resemblance is completely unintentional.

Though he always loved reading and writing, Pollock says, he never had the discipline for the writer’s life until he was An image search will sh My father showed me how to hurt a man one August night kknockemstiff the Torch Drive-in when I was seven years old. This past Christmas I was home and visiting Wal-Mart to try to find a cable of some sort for my Dad and I got to overhear so many delightfully ignorant conversations about a whole host of topics.

The way Pollock ended this story was masterful. For most of them, it’s the only way they’ll ever get out of that godforsaken town.



He can craft a cast a la the worst of Springer, and somehow manage to turn what are essentially the same penny characters minted on the same busted machine into this magical pile of monster shit money. I’m so glad that my first visit to Knockemstiff was with that book: Donxld in Touch Sign up.

Pollick use is rampant, as is deviant sexuality, and while I am in no way a prude or naive in the ways of various intoxicants, by the time I finished this collection I couldn’t take any more. Pollock writes with painful authenticity, and his stories, while never reaching for the cheap payoff, will linger and stain you with the casual, brutality that he describes. Wait until you read the first sentence of Dynamite HoleI wouldn’t dream of spoiling that little gem for you here.

I was going to maybe share one of those stories, but I think they might actually be lost polloci some landfill or wherever old hard-drives go to die. If not, then dive in and vicariously live some lives of depravity and be thankful that you can pop back in to the real world at your leisure. Books Featured In This Story. I’m glad it’s over. The town population – some of which are pretty vile and vulgar – are sprinkled throughout all 18 linked stories.

This review has been revised and can be found at Expendable Pol,ock Muses Aloud. Yes, Knockemstiff is a real city in Ohio, and the actual home town of Pollock, who became a writer only after 32 years working in a paper mill. Phew, what a relief! But every time she gagged on that wiener, the ropy muscles in the back of my old man’s neck twisted a little tighter, made it seem as if his head was going to pop off any second.