This is the first volume in the series of novels Doris Lessing calls collectively Canopus in Argos: Archives. Presented as a compilation of documents, reports. Jul 22, Shikasta, the first in what would become five science fiction novels by Doris Lessing, begins with a journey in to the pre-history of the planet. Nov 18, Doris Lessing takes risks, but does not play games. One does not turn to her books for humor or wit or playfulness, nor will one find in them any.

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This is the third Doris Lessing book that I’ve read, and I feel now like I kind of have a handle on what her work is generally like. Doris Lessing endorses Johor entirely for the wages of sin is deathbut not his old friend Taufig, who falls, through “pride,” to Shikastan enticements, becomes a lawyer, a figure in world politics, Satan’s realm.

Doris Lessing’s first novel in the Canopus in Argo series, ‘Re: Presented as a compilation of documents, reports, letters, speeches and journal entries, this purports to be a general study of the planet Shikasta, clearly the planet Earth, to be used by history students lessin the higher planet Canopus and to be stored in the Canopi This is the first volume in the series of novels Doris Lessing calls collectively Canopus in Argos: It is our habit to dismiss the Old Testament altogether because Jehovah, or Jahve, does lessijg think or behave like a social worker.

Johor returns, but this time through Zone 6 [nb 1] from which he is born on the planet incarnated as a Shikastan, George Sherban. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Still, the feeling that we are unable to build societies that function well permeates the book.


Summer voyages: Shikasta Re: Colonised Planet 5 by Doris Lessing

It’s just very slow and kind of disjointed. Customers who viewed this item also viewed.

I really wish I had chosen a different book. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. View all 9 comments.

Shikasta’s allegorical meaning also makes it an awkward fit within science fiction, a genre that tends to take its spaceships and alien visitations literally. But shikawta, it was a very difficult read, and while it cataloged very well all of our social ills, it ultimately didn’t enhance my understanding of what it means to lessnig human and how we can learn to treat each other better.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. Worth trying out, if whikasta dare. She is the author of more than thirty books—novels, stories, reportage, poems, and plays. James Schellenberg writing in Challenging Destinya Canadian science fiction and fantasy magazine, was impressed by Shikasta ‘s “grand sense of perspective” and the context of humanity set in a “vaster scale of civilization and right-thinking”.

Each of the five books in the series stands shikwsta a complete novel, as this one does, but to grasp fully all the nuance that exists in each of the books, I think it would help to know her full, large vision of this huge novel, broken into five books. It differs from much modern science fiction in that is defies classification.

Fantastic Lessing

The spiritual truths taught by Canopean agents to the Shikastan natives can be found in places throughout the Hebrew Bible:. Invisible, unwritten rules forbid. This is a polarity universe and thus there are dark tyrannical forces that find ways to infest even the most flourishing of planetary colonies.

Lot escaped, and God then poured down sulfur and dorix from heaven on Sodom and Gomorrah. Johor’s journey is made through six “zones”, levels of spiritual existence each becoming more solidly material, until he arrives at Rohanda itself, which we come to suspect is in fact our own Earth. Not many folks are really going to stand up and clap for the eugenics movement. But there are so very many obvious and underwhelming ingredients present alongside all the good stuff that even the most ingenious sparks of creative force are diluted and fail to impress with their full potential.


Re: Colonised Planet 5, Shikasta by Doris Lessing

It forces us to look into the depths of the apocalyptic tide washing round us. Canopus, a benevolent galactic empire centred at Canopus in the constellation Argo Naviscolonises a young and promising lessing they name Rohanda the fruitful.

Lessing’s departure into science fiction in the late s raised some predictably snobbish responses from literary critics, one writing that she “propagandises on behalf of our insignificance in the cosmic razzmatazz”. A little dated now in some aspects, perhaps.

Lessing however brings to it her political slant, which makes it pretty different than most of novels of this type. I lessingg recognize some esoteric tendencies in her writing when it comes to the ‘energies’. The main problem with this book is that lessin writing is bad.

Any profound spiritual or political message is lost on me since I just refuse to believe that any message of importance could be this boring. Doris Lessing’s satire has never been sharper, particularly of neo-Marxist jargon and the pretentions of the doria.

Colonised Planet 5, Shikasta.

Colonised Planet 5, Shikasta — was published in