Radio personality Dr. Bill Deagle discusses the evidence of a break in the loop current and potential climate changes Dr. Gianluigi Zangari. This according to Dr. Gianluigi Zangari, an Italian theoretical physicist, and major complex and chaotic systems analyst at the Frascati National. See also: Gulf of Mexico Loop Current Broken!! Risk of Global Climate Change By BP Oil Spill! end.

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Gulf Loop Current Destroyed – May Lead To Shut Down of Atlantic Thermoregulation, Rapid Cooling

Fluid behind the obstacle flows into the void creating a swirl of fluid on each edge of the obstacle, followed by a short reverse flow of fluid behind the obstacle flowing upstream, toward the back of zangaei obstacle. Why is this important to all life on the planet? Based on real science, the fianluigi showed movie audience how the the Gulf Stream transports warm water from the equatorial regions of the Earth, along American’s Eastern seaboard and then across the Atlantic to Northern Europe.

Instead, it has become a convenient way to cover up one massive mistake, with a tragically larger one. This site uses cookies. The excess moisture then fell to the ground as giant blizzards, giant storms and floods Noah’s Deluge type floodsand a new ice age began.

Therefore it may be plausible to gianluuigi the breaking of the Loop Current zangati the biochemical and physical action of the BP Oil Spill on the Gulf Stream. Those of you with a strong interest in this and related weather activity and the reasons why etc. The hollywood blockbuster ” The Day After Tomorrow “. It may generate a chain reaction of unpredictable critical phenomena and instabilities due to strong non linearities which may have serious consequences on the dynamics of gianluiig Gulf Stream and north escalation into Atlantic waters which help regulate global climate patterns.


This according to Dr. The concern now, is whether or not natural processes can re-establish the stalled Loop Current. The warm waters of the Loop Current and its associated eddies provide more energy to hurricanes and allow them to intensify.

Could the breaking down of gianlugii Gulf Loop Current be the reason. Follow me at Twitter: The turbulent environment of hurricanes pulls up water from beneath the surface, often upwelling cooler water.

Gianluigi Zangari July 16, Could the magnetic pole be shifting? However, when the bottle is shaken the two are mixed.

Gulf Loop Current Stalls From BP Oil Disaster

Lopez is concerned about consistent temperature extremes, both hot and cold in the last few years. The importance of the Gulf Stream was brought to the forefront in the blockbuster film The Day After Tomorrow where the Gulf Stream stalled, causing temperatures in New York City to plummet from sweltering to freezing in a matter of hours. Comment by Linda August 2, Gulf of Mexico Loop Current Broken!! Can i email you on this issue? Now, current temperature measurements for the Gulf Stream on the Atlantic Front from 76 to 47 meridian now appears to be about 10 degrees Celsius cooler than it was this time last year.

The moving fluid creates a space devoid of downstream-flowing fluid on the downstream side of the object.

So apparently, this is a breaking development that will most likely take a while to sink in, just as the initial BP rig fire and sinking and oil volcano took a while for people to realize its significance and impact. For this reason, the focus of Zangari’s research is presently centered on finding signs of a return to the former natural equilibrium of the Gulf.

Comment by Chris Vaughn December 22, Oceanographic satellite data now shows that the Loop Current in the Gulf of Mexico has stalled as a consequence of gianlkigi BP oil zanari [volcano] disaster. Warning, there are those that say this is a natural cycle that repeats regardless; our actions may only be accelerating the process.


The mercury dropped to For this reason, Zangari’s concern is that should the Loop Current fail to restart, dire global consequences may ensue as a result of extreme weather changes and many other critical phenomena. Return to Climate Change.

Velocity and Temperature Worries At present, Admiral Thad Allen is trying to assure Zagnari that the worst of the disaster has passed and that the oil slicks have disappeared due to natural processes.

How Our Government Will Signal the Arrival of Planet X — Bob Fletcher, Investigator

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Underwater volcanic activity in the Arctic Ocean [is] far stronger than anyone ever imagined!

It is this new and unnatural system which has changed the viscosity, temperature and salinity of the Gulf’s seawater, thereby causing the Loop Current to stall. To help understand why, let’s assume that what is really happening in the Gulf is not much different from what happens when you shake a bottle of oil and vinegar salad dressing. Urupema, a town in the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, is experiencing the lowest temperature this year – minus 7. A shutdown of this current will leave most of Europe like Siberia within a couple years or so; and likely a large part of North America as well.

The oil and dispersant could then contaminate the hurricane spreading the toxins far inland. This is because they show him real-time changes in the shape of the Gulf Stream. AprilChernobyl disaster. Meanwhile Argentina is in an Antarctic cold snap and the Southern Hemisphere is freezing.