Dragonstar has 10 ratings and 0 reviews. Dragonstar is a unique space-fantasy campaign setting for the d20 System, a place where dragons. Player’s Companion is a compendium of new classes, feats, spells, end of this book: the Dragonstar name, logo, and trademark, the graphic design and trade. (file size: MB, MIME type: application/pdf). About; File History. There is no description yet. Add a description.

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It’s highest power apparently lets the Info Warrior to insert their soul into a computer system, and so hack any computer, to it’s core, completely and thoroughly, automatically. Not to say you cragonstar tinker and put it into Freeport or a similar setting. Sort of like the Player’s Companion for Fading Suns.

Saint-Antoine, le vaisseau, The nice thing about this is it’s a take it or leave it deal where the campaign isn’t going to suffer if you make your ckmpanion Ecoterrorist organization for example. Saint-Louis, ordre de, 59, Now the bad news is though, if you’re using other material like Guildcraft from Bastion or Oathbound with it’s prestige races, you can come up with some characters who just break the rules without trying.

They have a good BAB, spell progression increases every 2 levels, good saves and Corosive touch deals extra damages to metal, dragonstag and flesh.

Base attack bonus are not good, the saves are not bad and the character gains multiple computer related abilities. So, to sum up, the prestige classes are okay, the new spells and spellware okay, the psionics section, well, isn’t great, but is useable. On a meta-note, for the psionics, I wish they provided notes on using Mindscapes version of psionics with or instead of the Player’s Handbook as many people have noted that it’s a different and perhaps superior way to play with psionics.

Sables, riviere aux, 63, There are only 4 chapters, with fairly broad subjects, things are lumped together. See details for description of any imperfections. New PrCs help round out psionics in the setting including the Netwalker, a master of utilizing the Net with psionics and skill to the Ascetic of the Noetic Order, Compared to spells and spellcasters, psionics get the short shift with feats, powers and equipment, but the mere inclusion of them goes a long way in making this book fit my style of space fantasy.


File: | Dragonstar Enterprise Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The main reason levels exist is as a way to gauge how powerful a character is, and thus allow the GM to easily tailor adventures for them. Since the red dragons started ruling the empire their is a greater amount of these specialized warriors. The lowest-priced item that has been used or worn previously. The role playing aspect comes afterwards with a sample group. Which makes it hard to run.

In fact, it’s pretty much what a good table of contents would cover – mostly covering the major items. Errors The following errors occurred with your submission. There is pages of new spellware.

There are also several more in the psionics chapter. The Imperial Society of Arcane Magic is a school that provides various benefits to wizards while the Vigil of Sakar school is practiced by the Adamantine Order and House Aranath with abilities relating to spying and data gathering. If you note the number of writers on this one, it might be a good idea in the future to use more writers as they did on this book, it seems to be a good recipe and I guess that it provides the opportunity for a single writer to give more time to a single chapter as well as giving them the chance to prove themselves by doing the best they can do.

In addition the introduction of the original psionic classes into the DS setting is well explained. The next section is on spells and spellware spellware is implanted magic items, in practice, like cybernetics.

The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions as intended. Each schools contains 10 lessons or trainings that are payed for in experience point, to get a particular level you need to have attained the previous one starting from first level. To me, this is the one of the ultimate ways to customize a dragonstra.

Some may decry the lack of hard information on the various organizations and guilds introduced here as there are no NPCs statistics listed out, maps, or other important information but those people aren’t looking at this as a Player’s Companion.


Wednesday, 3rd April, This item may be a floor model or store return that has been used. The classes range from the impressive Galactic Conqueror, a master of warfare, to the Rebel, companioh warrior whose goal is to throw off the Red Age reign. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Now another area that is under debate in terms of game balance and playability are schools. Open Preview See a Problem? If there are complaints, it’s going to be how useful is this material.

I personally found this book a bit disappointing. Other notables includes the Dark Zone Explorer though details about what the zone is like are still quite sketchythe Royal Marshal sort of a bounty hunter It’s odd in that there is one psionic prestige class in this chapter. Another gives you magic wings that work even in a vacuum. In addition, spells and PrCs, like dragondtar, should be playtested to insure that they fit with your campaign. It uses prestige classes to give a distinct feel to the settings, as it should be, add spells, feats and schools see further downspellwares and psi content like new prestige classes, feats and new powers.

Clamp Staff Fantasy Books. A very good supplement. They start with 5, stay there for a while, then increase by only 2 a level. Much of the interior art is, well, awful. Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, Royer, le sieur de, Robert rated it liked it Mar 24, While I like Dragonstar a lot I have all the books except the newest adventure from Mystic Eye, and I plan on getting that soonI’ve thought the amount of info on the setting itself is rather sparse.

While I guess there’s nothing technically wrong with that, I think it’s a bit sloppy, and there are legitimate balance issues when multi-classing is used. No ratings or reviews yet.

Saint-Ours, S3, 85, 86, 89,,,