So since I did a layout for the Tubeworks I thought to myself if it’s basically a tube pre-amp I Layout Dumble Overdrive Special 70’s. The Dumble Overdrive Special has been one of the “Holy Grail” guitar . Here’s a layout for the Overtone Special 50 (A Dumble Overdrive. Hoffman Amplifiers Tube Amp Forum, Dumble Champ Schematic. Dumble- ( kB, x – viewed 49 times.).

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Dumble Amplifiers

The Return of Mr. Also, you will find a forum topic specifically for the D’Lite project here: Now, all of that said – I eumble a V6 ODS in the works now also, with a similar hope – wanting the smaller amp to “give it up” earlier in the volume spectrum not necessarily earlier on the volume knob, though.

JohnK had made a layout for the awhile ago, so I thought I’d give the a shot. I called a couple of the distributors here in Massachusetts, and they didn’t have Ceriaton’es on their web site, but did say they could get them, so they have some kind of deal. Tubeworks Real Tube Along with an airbrake.

Dumble was hired by Mosrite to build a special line of Amplifiers for The Ventures before he was A few Dumble amps have a Dumbleator circuit built into them, but most have “un-buffered” input jacks that tap directly out of the pre-amp and into the power amp.


It’s like your guitar’s volume knob, with a fully-passive and color-free circuit. Basically a simple switchable volume pedal.

The sound the Steel String Singer is most known for is a “clean feedback” effect – where the amplifier will feedback, even though the signal is audibly clean. Found this while searching for some schematics for Silicon Tonebenders I came across it on revolutiondeux.

So you wanna build a Dumble Overdrive Special? | La Révolution Deux

Since buying his ODS, Ford has almost exclusively used his original Dumble or an exact clone of it live. A single channel “no frills” combo amplifier, similar in appearance to the tweed Bassman. StructopompeiisneaksmhussHeeBGB. Here you will find all the info on my various DIY Guitar effects builds, amplifiers and guitars. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Starting with 4, the Phase Inversion was simplified, and the amp was given more negative feedback which cleaned up the signal even further.

Views Read Edit View history. Comments are welcome on Revolution Deux. Carlos Santanafor instance, only heard of Dumble in reference to Stevie Ray Vaughan in the late 90’s.

Despite the variability among Dumble tonestack voicing and operation, there are certain controls that most amplifiers share:.

Posted by Zach at Retrieved 9 June I like it alot.

Miro posted a layout awhile ago for the Hot Silicon, which is pretty much the same, the difference being the trimmer off the gain control abuse which lets you set the gain rather then having a set resistor. White Lies for Dark Times”. The Signal Pad is a passive attenuator that allows you to instantly switch to a different dumle volume.


Dumble musical instrument amplifiers are custom manufactured in very limited numbers by Alexander “Howard” Dumble of Los AngelesCalifornia. However, if you pound your way through with the matching excercise a highly recommended task!

Anonymous 23 Feb There are certain commonalities across all ODS amplifiers. Its EQ is generally considered to be relatively flat internally, but this becomes extremely malleable through the controls provided on the front panel and its overall responsiveness. Does it break up earlier in triode mode?

But really, subtlety isnt this pedals primary job. It is here to crush, kill, and destroy, but in a very musical and harmonically rich way.

It is due to the fact they are in Malaysia, if Ceriatone really wants business to take dumblle they should setup some sort of warehouse in the US to have his kits shipped out of the US. Also, a LOT depends on your speaker efficiency. Posted by Fred Briggs at You have the frequencies there for your use.

Retrieved layoht August