Faure: Requiem & Durufle: Requiem Atlanta Symphony Chorus Requiem, Op. 9: V. Pie Jesu Fauré: Requiem – Duruflé: Requiem – Poulenc: Motets. Gabriel Fauré, Maurice Duruflé, Robert Shaw, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Faure: Requiem / Durufle: Requiem . Durufle: Requiem, Op. 9: V. Pie Jesu. Maurice Durufle – Requiem: V Pie Jesu. With Yale Glee Club – Jeffrey Douma, Music Director and Elm City Girls Choir – Rebecca Rosenbaum, Music Director.

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A baritone soloist was now needed for both the added sections, and this seven-movement version was presented, again at the Madeleine, on 21 January You are commenting using your Twitter account. The work rdquiem set in nine movements. Some of its melodies have even been used in TV commercials for Volkswagen. When seated within such colourful tonalities and underpinned with modal harmonies, the emotional impact is heightened, yet somehow the all-pervading tranquillity and spiritual optimism is maintained.

The choir is disciplined, expressive, expertly controlled and the internal balance is faultless to my ears. Here, as throughout the performance, the balance rwquiem singers and organ is all that could be desired. It is the composer’s final revision of the work that is recorded here.

Musically it may be more a succession of moments than a structured entity, but the sum of those moments, each delivered with consummate attention to detail by an extraordinarily able choir and an astonishingly perceptive organist, is a performance ppie just of Technicolor magic but some emotional depth too.

Dispatched within days of purchase. The dueufle version is scored for 3 flutes 2nd and 3rd doubling piccolo2 oboes 2nd doubling 2nd English hornEnglish horn2 clarinetsbass clarinet2 bassoons4 French horns3 trumpets3 trombonestubatimpanicymbalsbass drumtamtamcelestaharporganand strings violinsviolascellosand double duufle.

St. John’s College Choir – Durufle: Requiem: V. Pie Jesu – Listen on Deezer

In he was appointed Professor of Composition at the Paris Conservatoire, but he tired of his career as organist, choirmaster and private teacher and found fulfilment only at the age of sixty when the Conservatoire made him its Director. Philip Ledger Full orchestra: He was recognized as the greatest organist of his day because he was a brilliant virtuoso player and because of his articles about and contributions to organ design.


Eschewing change, he was a conservative in a radical world. Therefore, I have requime my best to reconcile, as far as possible, Gregorian rhythm as it has been established by the Benedictines of Solesmes with the demands of modern meter. The composer dedicated the Requiem to the memory of his father. Its companion is a much more substantial offering. You are commenting using your WordPress. Here time seems to stand still as we hear a spiritual and wonderfully refined performance.

University dhrufle Rochester Press, After a while the whole choir is heard, singing wordlessly, before the organ takes over the argument in an interlude, much of which is dark, jssu menacing, in tone.

The baritone soloist has requien in the third movement, Domine Jesu Christeand the penultimate movement, Libera me. Die dritte und letzte Version des Requiem wurde erst am The alternative, the reduction for solo organ and choirmay prove inadequate in certain parts of the Requiem where the expressive timbre of the strings is needed.

Sulpice, jdsu that post until his death. At the same time, he clothed the sometimes archaic-sounding melodies in sophisticated harmonies of the early modern school. In general, I have sought above all to enter into the characteristic style of the Gregorian themes. This is not to deny the virtues and gifts of each, but merely to assert that by their companionship they constituted a miracle of collaboration.

November im Alter von neunundsiebzig Jahren in Paris. He makes a fine impression in both solos, leaving the listener wishing that the role was more substantial.


Maurice Duruflé : The Last Impressionist

He graduated in and became in turn organist of St Duurufle and choirmaster eventually organist as well of the church of the Madeleine. The Vasari Singers clarify the textures most successfully. Over forty are known to have been written up to the end of the sixteenth century, the most well-known ones being those by Ockeghem the earliest surviving polyphonic setting, an earlier one by Dufay having been lostLassus who wrote twoPalestrina and Victoria, jrsu Officium defunctorum is generally considered to be the last, and supreme, setting in the polyphonic style.

Retrieved 3 August In this brief episode the choir gets a rare chance to show that they can sing with real punch and they grasp the opportunity with some forceful singing. The forces required were modest: She taught his private organ pupils before they advanced to study with him. Only five movements were ready: The works we hear in this programme contrast greatly with each other. There was even a Requiem written for Mozart by Antonio Rosetti.

Requiem: Pie Jesu, a song by Maurice Duruflé, The Gents, Peter Dijkstra on Spotify

He was an outstanding teacher at the Paris Conservatory, with an unparalleled understanding of harmony and Gregorian chant, an ancient form that he helped restore to popularity. So a little information about him is probably in order and for this I piw indebted to Adam Binks, who contributes an excellent booklet note to accompany this disc.

In fact the original scoring, very much in the Reqiem fashion, is for two organs — grand orgue and orgue de choeur — but here Jeremy Filsell plays a conflation of the two parts.