Dux Britanniarum is a set of skirmish wargames rules set during the Age of Arthur . The Setting. The game is set in the 5th century. The Roman. Dux Britanniarum Army Deals – Gripping Beast produce high quality 28mm Metal and Plastic Miniatures for painting and playing, from different eras which. After reading many positive reviews of Dux Britanniarum, and having had great games with Sharp Practice, I got the full set of the game along.

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Dux Britanniarum

July 9, at 4: What about running large campaigns with a number britanniiarum Kingdoms, is that possible? Painting, Modelling and Scenery Battle on the hill. Each player then generates 3 characters to lead his force; one Lord and two Commanders. All of these have the potential to boost your force morale, gain your character personal kudos, fire up aggression and other such benefits.

July 10, at Tricky is a very talented sculptor and he has done Arthur to fit right in with the Gripping Beast figures. July 10, at 3: Britaanniarum say raiding, can I conquer your lands or am I just a German bandit out to mug you for some cash.

If the Lord Spares Us 3.

Dux Britanniarum: Rules Introduction and Review

These are another factor to be considered in your game. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Report From Crisis 31 Comments. Here you generate the terrain, decide on the scenario and work out the morale of your force.

Defence in Depth July 15, Saxons can have warriors plus elites, whilst the Britons can also employ peasant levy in their army. The full colour rulebook is of a very high quality. On the other hand, my archers were quite successful, dishing out 2 kills and some shock — this was not going to win me the game though.


At this tactical level of gaming I can absolutely understand randomized movement rates. Card packs are available as a separate purchase. I think that gives a fair start to both sides and it also allows us to play a wide variety of scenarios.

That sounds a very novel and fun idea.

I shall look forward to getting britanniaarum Dark Age figures on the table at long last. Dux Britanniarum was the first full-colour publication by Too Fat Lardies.

What a Tanker 2.

Things changed in Turn 2. It was not to be — the British leader with the Levy was now activated, and ordered the formation of Levy to charge britxnniarum Saxon warrior group which their Warlord had sought refuge with.

The emphasis is on keeping the basic game play simple and intuitive, you want a game that flows easily where everyone playing is involved and dyx up in the narrative of what is happening in the game rather than the rules themselves.

There can be a ritualized duel of the hritanniarum fighter of each side before the battle. Character generation is completed by simply rolling a number of dice and comparing the results on several tables. The Romano-British warriors were all trained in late Roman drill and able to form britnaniarum highly effective shield wall. Things people possibly might not like is the random movement, but I went into that earlier. Wargames Association Of South Pembrokeshire. In the mean time the Saxons will break into homes, look for stuff to rob, drive off the cattle and try to get away before the Brits arrive.

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Movement is rolled for using either 1, 2 or 3 six-sided dice. The Pict crossbows knocked 2 British cavalrymen out of their saddles, but got too close to the board edge and were dispersed by the speedy arrival of the British Lord with his Levy. Chain of Command The game is actually played in three phases.

The all-conquering British Levy. However, I would say that the system is designed to be picked up and put down, so if you fancy going away and playing IABSM for a few weeks then you can just come back and pick up where you left off with no problems. If you have more players then by all means fight over multiple adjacent kingdoms, form your own alliances and so on.

They are assets, and the player is faced with some serious decisions about using them. Comments pcjohnstone on Battlegroup: The turn sequence is dictated by the Game Deck which includes one card for each of brianniarum Nobles and one for each of the independent groups of missile or skirmish troops, so quite a small hand. CoC Fighting Season britannizrum The invaders used smaller shields mostly for parrying and were less inclined to use formations in combat.

Review – Dux Britanniarum – Meeples & Miniatures

Shock is the Too Fat Lardies mechanicsm for morale. Fourteen units in north Britain are listed in the Notitia as being under his command, stationed in either modern YorkshireCumbria or Northumberland. Pigs in the wood. You can read a full set of players dhx here:

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