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An optional dome controller Sensormatic VM16 or American Dynamics ADTT16 can manial used to select cameras, change display format to 1×1, 2×2, 3×3 or 4×4 and to sequence cameras live mode only.

For example, with nine cameras connected, the sequence is: Installation and Operating Instructions Camera Selectable Rate Manuaal You can assign a higher or lower recording rate to each camera on the Intellex unit. Therefore, install surge protection devices on all vulnerable cables. Record Capacity As the number of alarm events increases, the storage space required also increases.

Images in this database were previously restored from an archive tape. Page 18 if supported by the camera ; and select a pattern scan if supported by the camera.

American Dynamics Intellex DV Manuals

The default is Normal. From the Mode tab, choose to search the image database using general search criteria or the Smart Search filters. To configure the regional settings: The Intellex unit detects and responds to four types of alarm events.

This is the default. During a disabled segment, the unit does not record or display any images from the camera. Manial the sensitivity to use when recording this camera. Access to the playback screen controls and indicators is a protected feature. Refer to your Button dome controller instructions for more information. In the Devices for Incoming Connections window, select the box for the modem that will be used to make the connection the default for Intellex units is the U.


From the playback screen, click the Full Scrn button to switch to full-screen mode. To select the start time: Connect this output to a parallel dv160000 that supports graphics. It also ignores any alarms. The DV with Intellex version 3.

Dvv16000 you can configure a filter, you must record at least one image from the camera. If this option is selected, when alarms are played back the 15 Minute Index video will automatically start 15 minutes prior to the actual alarm. A camera used to record more critical activity, like a point of sale POS location, can be configured to record at a higher rate than a camera used mnaual record less critical activity.

Only load images that were created on an Intellex unit. Audio is a protected feature.

Image Area — The Intellex unit displays both live and playback images in this area of the screen in the selected screen format. Identify the general type of activity at your installation minimal, casual, moderate or intense.

Since all images on a tape are identified with the same Intellex unit, we recommend that you append images from only one Intellex unit to each tape. The default is right-handed operation. When the unit is first powered up or after another user has logged out, the Enter PIN Code screen appears. Resolution — This setting lets you choose either x or x To erase the last endpoint, double-click the right mouse button.

A confirmation screen dv1600. Follow the directions provided with the speakers to connect the speakers together and to the power source.

Dv16000 intellex manual

Power Indicator — This light appears when the unit is operating. The default is 75 Ohms. After you select a live filter, use the majual filter configuration screen to configure it.


Click the up arrow or down arrow or drag the scroll button up or down. Page 10 Changing to a Domain Its data can then be managed from a central site using the Network Client sold separately. Covert Mode Tab The Covert Camera feature allows authorized users to capture video from a hidden camera without the knowledge of another Intellex user. Call Monitor Installation and Operating Instructions Manyal Monitor Connect an optional call monitor to the BNC connector on the Call Monitor board, connector 17, dg16000 see live video from a single camera Call mode or from alarmed cameras in sequence Spot mode.

When an alarm dv160000 detected, the unit increases the number of samples from the camera associated with the alarm. This menu is especially helpful in full-screen mode. See Motion Detection on page 70 for details on target area definition and sensitivity settings. Page Dome Controller If a dome controller Sensormatic VM16 or American Dynamics ADTT16 is connected, dv1000 can use it to display a specific camera, Optional change the display format 1×1, 2×2, 3×3, 4×4 or sequence cameras live mode only.

Composite video output from camera Camera Out passive loop through.

Follow the directions included with the cleaning cartridge. Then it continues the archive operation. Either the main screen or the playback screen appears. Super, Normal or Extended Record. Changing The Workgroup Changing to a Domain If you plan to add the Intellex unit to a domain, contact your network administrator.

Click Help to display online help for this screen. Insert a new tape. Click Close to cancel this operation.