mind tech: the tech – Crazy Wisdom (Part One) Stepping Into Air – The Art & The me to deepen into the realization that ‘All is Self’ – a core precept of Dzogchen. The pride of being in the state of crazy wisdom is tremendous. But there is a loving quality to it as well. Can you imagine being hit by love and hate at the same. Crazy Wisdom has ratings and 24 reviews. it seems like a completely new book now that I am more familiar with vajra, dzogchen, and Padmasambhara.

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There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The Feminine Principle in Tibetan Buddhism.

This book was a little repetitive. He has been a devotee and practitioner since before I was putting words together… How are Dzodgchen, Mahamudra, and Moksha of Hinduism different?

Crazy Wisdom

In theological context, these were interpreted in part as divine rapture, an escape from the restraint of society, a frenzy for freedom of the soul. According to June McDaniel and other scholars, divine madness is found in the history and practices of many cultures and may reflect religious ecstasy or expression of divine love. DiValerio notes that comparable “mad saint” traditions exist in Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic and Christian cultures, but warns against “flights of fancy” that too easily draw comparisons between these various phenomena.


Theia mania Ancient Greek: Another way of putting it would be having no idea what you are going to do next but having absolute trust that whatever it is that you are going to do, will be the perfect thing to do.

This is a very advanced book dealing with advanced dzogcehn so I was lost for a lot of it but had enough exposure that it sort of cray parts of my brain. Want to Read saving…. No sentimentality, no spiritual consumerism, no escape!

Crazy Wisdom by Chögyam Trungpa

On the contrary, painful emotions can be appreciated as a challenging opportunity for new discovery. The Crazy Wisdom response is of course, to go. This is arriving in the gold dimension Dec 05, Justin rated it it was amazing. We cannot say why we did what we did, we just followed the mood of the moment and went with our seemingly random emotion and things turned out beautifully! The theme of divine madness appears in all major traditions xzogchen Hinduism Shaivism, Vaishnavism and Shaktismboth in its mythologies as well as its saints, accomplished mendicants and teachers.


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When I reread the book later, it didn’t quite have the same effect. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. A Bona-Fide Path My view is that one is either a Crazy Wisdom practitioner or not, it is in your nature or not, and even to attempt to cultivate it is a bit ridiculous. Suzuki who sells Carus teaching as Japanese Zen, Chongpa is selling Heidegger and probably a few other existentialists as Tibetan crazy wisdom. Dzogdhen practical tip in general is that whenever your mind is wild, it is best to lower your gaze, and whenever it is dull and sleepy, to bring your gaze up.

We no longer compulsively repeat the same habitual actions but instead act with crazy abandon, renouncing nothing. The pride of being in the state of crazy wisdom is tremendous. Dharma Ocean 9 books. In West African version of Sufism, according to Lynda chouitenexamples of insane saints are a part of Maraboutisme where the mad and idiotic behavior of a marabout was compared to a mental illness and considered a form of divine folly, of holiness. In such families that accumulated vast wealth were found dzoggchen plagues and afflictions of the soul, for which mania devised a remedy, inasmuch as the same was a gift from God, if only to be rightly frenzied and possessed, using proper atonement rituals.

My urge to raise my Kundalini is a perfect example of Crazy Wisdom – no pre-thought, no expectations, some fear but the overwhelming sense that it was the right thing to do at that moment and that it needed to be done.

You will probably already know if this is your nature or not and the good news is that if it is – Crazy Wisdom is one of the fastest paths to enlightenment in existence. Wisom 16, Michelle rated it really liked it Shelves: An insane person cannot be a siddhaand a siddhaby definition, cannot be insane – at least, not in the medical understanding of madness.

His behavior daogchen include being strangely dressed or nakeddzogcben in cremation grounds, acting like an animal, a “lunatic” storing his food in a skull, among others. The Sublime Life and Songs of Drukpa Kunley is “the single most influential document in shaping how Euro-Americans have come to think about Tibetan holy madman phenomenon. But if we can overcome the fear by trusting the perfection of our own manifestation we often leap over years of fears, because if you do something once properly then it is done, and need not be done again.

Now it is November, nine months from my second reading, and this has easily been the best book of the year, with the aspects of Padmasambava haunted me nearly daily. The most through examination of Dogchen that I have encountered. From personal experience I can say that the more you do this the faster your whole process runs, as you are giving yourself permission to explore any aspect of your reality that arise, without limitation. The short version of the Mahayana critique of the lower ccrazy is that the wisdom element is emphasized at the expense of compassion.


Webarchive template wayback links Articles containing Ancient Greek-language text All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from December Articles containing Tibetan-language text Articles to be expanded from May All articles to be expanded Articles using small message boxes CS1 maint: Mark rated it really liked it Mar 09, At the same time when right in the middle of it, there is the powerful sensation that it just feels somehow strangely like the perfect thing to be doing at that moment.

I am not talking about jumping off bridges here but the commitment to just being completely open to whatever course of action arises for you at that moment, without prejudice or preconception.

Views Read Edit View history. Stephen Roxborough rated it really liked it Mar 19, It is usually explained as a manifestation of enlightened behavior by persons who have transcended societal norms, or as a means of spiritual practice or teaching among mendicants and teachers.

Crazy Wisdom maps beautifully on top of the ” trust the Perfection ” ethos, as you are admitting that strange and unusual things WILL arise in your reality as part of your own manifestation, and it is your obligation to engage them.

This was one of my favorites. I feel sorry that most of the Westerners could not recognize their own reflections in the mystic Tibetan mirror. When you act according to Crazy Wisdom you are a real vessel of the Dzogchen Teaching. Maybe it’s best reserved for the dark and troubled mind? This section needs expansion. To summarize Crazy Wisdom one could say, jump in with full trust and openess and figure out the path as it reveals itself to you.

I hope this is helpful. I am not advocating jumping in at the deep end. He is described as someone who is actually wise and normal, but appears to others who don’t understand him as “mad, crazy”.