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And by handling, I mean accelerating from a stand still, turning through corners at speed,and landing from jumps etc. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Thank you for looking at my auction here we have a brand new set of Traxxas X Blue aluminum lower chassis braces sealed in the original traxxas packaging these are for the E-maxx and T-maxx A perf The Jaxx is the most advanced model Spektrum sell and is highly coveted by serious racers;- the lower end radios will f fine for most bashers needs.

The esc is rated for 6s lipo or 18 nimh cells, the motor is the NeuCastle 1y kv model, based on the popular Neu motor of the same specification. A 50watt charger will drop to around 3. Increasing s vehicle’s acceleration and maintain top speed. Also has aluminum front bulkheads and aluminum humpers.

Traxxas E-Maxx Radio Controlled Truck | eBay

Driveshafts The old Emaxx uses rather soft and flexible plastic for the 6 drive shafts 33906 centre, 4 outdrivesand these are well known to flex and twist rather easily, often becoming completely mangled like pretzels, especially under BL power.

Truck has quite a few upgrades that I see.

With the help of EVX electronic speed control in this radio controlled truck, you can control the speed both in forward and reverse directions. They were removed from a new 2. Finally are balancers, which were covered before in section 16, but there is a little more to add. As a general rule, the thicker the oil you use in the shocks, the slower the damping action which is good for jumpingso the softer the springs should be, and viceverser for thinner shock oil.

The esc requires lipos capable of producing atleast amps continously, though the more overhead you have, the longer the batteries will live for and the longer your runtime will be as an indirect effect the voltage will not drop below the Low Voltage Cutoff LVC until nearer to the end of the discharge. To workout how powerful your charger needs to be to charge a pack at 1c, simply multiply the fully charged voltage of your biggest pack, say 6s lipo This modification works best when used with a single hi-torque digital servo, preferably with metal gears see above for recommendations.


UE sell a very nice design of knuckle and suspension known as RacerX for the rear of the truck, and some advanced geometry is used in their extended suspension arms.

Emaxx Radio Control & Control Line | eBay

My advice is to choose the most common brand of tap when you maxxx given the option some stores allow you to choose the brand of tap you want fitted to your packsand always choose that type whenever you buy new batteries see below for a compatibility chart. The simple maxd is use a metal diff cup which removes a lot of flex in the spider gear area, and a metal diff case that should help prevent the ring gear and pinion from loosing mesh.

Lastly, the C rating thing. Browse Related Browse Related.

For an indepth guide please click the link below- the build is based around a new Emaxx but the exact same principles still apply for the old Emaxx: Please see new Castlelink page for indepth info on how to use this device and the best settings: Below is a brief ish. Garc, FLM, HCR, NewEra and a great many others sell perfectly good quality bulkheads that will fit the Maxx range perfectly, although it has been said the Garc bulks require a little effort, as too with the FLM bulks in a minority of cases.

The two speed transmission in the Traxxas E-Maxx ensures quick acceleration and high speed. Choosing the right capacity and C rating is important for any given application, and should be based on how many amps your chosen motor can draw at maximum load. RPM also sell a new design of rear suspension arms for Maxx trucks that eliminates the turn buckles True-Trac suspension – these use new style driveshafts use a longer screw and nyloc nut when mounting the shocks as RPM plastic is quite flexible and can cause the screws to strip out more easily from teh suspension arms.


Emaxx 3906

ee These hexes have a unique design to them with what are essentially teeth on each side of the hex; these match the hex pattern on the 3. Skip to main content.

Try to avoid bulkheads that have been hollowed out alot, as this weakens them. Ideally, you will buy a charger that can handle both lithium based and Nimh cells, that way you are ready for a lipo or A upgrade in the future without having to buy a new charger. There is no centre skid on the old truck, but many companies offer them- any material is fine as maxx wont be subjected to too much damage, only minor scratching.

Skid plates The stock skids do a good job of protecting the underside of the truck, but the front and rear skids also work to tie the bulkheads and chassis braces together, and a stronger 3096 than plastic is required ideally the mild-steel brace between the skid and the bulks does very little for rigidity. This page was last updated: This is due to something known as ‘ripple current’, whereby the voltage from the batteries fluctuates rapidly and drops as the current output increases beyond what it can provide due to high Internal Resistance IR.