The Five Nations* The human-dominated civilizations on the continent of Khor. The humans of the Five Nations are ethnically diverse. Humanity It’s hard to map Eberron’s fashions to Earth’s history because it’s not Earth. Aundair · Breland · Cyre · Karrnath · Thrane · Galifar%%20The%20Five% 20Nations%20%28ca% · khorvairelocation · Help | Terms of Service | Privacy.

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Warforged are produced with their own armor and have various immunities, including to poison and disease.

World of Eberron – Wikipedia

Sarlona is home to both humans and kalashtar. The devastated territory it once occupied is now known as the Mournland. Would it seem likely that there would be fads based on various lost cultures?

What is the attitude in the Five Nations toward items made from the body parts of sentient species? For almost a eberton years, the scions of the kingdom governed the Five Nations and followed the rites of succession as put forth by Galifar the First during his forty-year reign. Though some did go for conspicuous displays of wealth and false piety, for many a gem-studded octogram or finely detailed silver pendant were made by religious artisans to bring the beauty of the divine into reality.

The trademark ability of the race is their ability to shift ; eberroon is, to bring their more animalistic talents to the fore, gaining some useful ability and a bonus to a single, usually physical, statistic for a short time.

Orlassk’s citadel is said to be a giant gargoyle formed from living rock that prowls the depths of Khyber. They are divided into Kech Volaar and Kech Shaarat clans.

Say after a major cache of Xendrik relics ends up in Sharn that Breland goes through a Sulatar inspired craze maybe spreading maybe not? What sense is an undergarment that hampers your breathing and a gown you could trip over or get tangled in when an enemy nation could have attacked at any time until a few years ago, after all?

Aarren felt nwtions House Cannith had created life, and refused to see his creations used as tools. They spend a great deal of time studying mortal worlds, magic, and psionic powers. Interesting take on it! The Genie’s Curse Birthright: The Sovereign Host is the most commonly worshipped pantheon of deities in Khorvaire. Dolgaunts train to become monks and rarely use weapons or armor.

Eberron shard items store magical energy or psionic power as spellbooks, spell-storing items or psionic power stones. Along the way, Galifar also trained them for the peace that would follow, honing five visionary leaders as he honed his weapons and troops for every battle. Two years nstions to the end of the Last War, the nation of Cyre was destroyed in an incident known as the Day of Mourning. They resemble handsome humans bearing armor and weapons made from chitin and raw muscle.


With the exception of House Phiarlan and House Thuranni which both possess the Mark of Shadoweach house exclusively has one type of dragonmark. In other words, to take over the world of Eberron and take control of the dreams of its people, eberrkn order to manipulate the dream-world of Dal’Quor. The best reflection I can give of what MY Eberron looks like is an old character one of my players had years ago; a Dwarf veteran of the War who retired to the life of an inquisitive, never seen without his monocle and trenchcoat.

In the mythic past, the world was one great mass.

Dragonmarks: People of the Five Nations |

There is only one recorded expedition to the Eberrpn from Khorvaire and it was little more than a notch in a belt than a true exploratory mission. The cult’s domains are Death, Evil, Law and Necromancy, and the favored weapon is the dagger. Elves have occupied parts of Khorvaire sporadically, only recently forming their own nation there known as Valenar.

This page was last edited on 11 Octoberat According to a “docent” ancient and sentient memory-containing magic item found in Secrets of Xen’drikthe very first warforged were created as “host bodies” for a group of Quori which were very different from Quori of YK.

I like to take inspiration from real world historical clothing for Eberron fashion, but use it in an intensely anachronistic way, so it usually loses any historical significance. In prior times, the house would actually flay the dragonmark from the person’s body. It is often considered improper to refer to her as d’Vol, since the convention of using the honorific d’ was not established until after House Vol was destroyed. The Everice is a shifting sheet of ice located south of Xen’drik in the Icemaw Sea.

By the time the Gatekeeper druids bound the Daelkyr and their servants in the depths of Khyber, the empire was a shadow of its former glory. The Last War officially ended two years prior to the start of the campaign, with the Treaty of Thronehold, as each of the Five Nations and most of the nations narions broke off during the war officially became independent.


A world shattering naations ensued. Recently a new group of warforged calling themselves the “Psiforged” have begun appearing across Eberron. The head of the church is the Keeper of the Flame, a position currently held by eleven-year-old Jaela Daran.

Of the Quori, 6 subspecies are known. However, all of Taratai’s descendants sacrificed themselves to create the Shroud, a great magical creation that protects Adar from the Inspired and agents of the Dreaming Dark; it is unknown if she still natons, and if so, in what form.

I think it could be interesting if the same were true of glamourweave in certain parts of the five nations, though the purpose of such laws might vary. I like to pepper in certain fashions from the civilized lands, the goblin was highly amused in using the Brelish arrows they found in hopes that some poor Brelander might be held accountable for certain actions.

Five Nations

They do not age as the other races do, and it is not known what effects time will have on them. I like those little eberorn to random treasure drops.

I have fashion related quirk for the goblins in my games. Additionally, only races listed in the Player’s Handbook can manifest a dragonmark at all — however, this was revised in the 4th Edition Eberron Player’s Guide.

Dragonmarks: People of the Five Nations

Longtooth shifters can grow fangs and gain a natural bite attack, as well as an increase in Strength. When the Last War ended, they were given their freedom at the Treaty of Thronehold.

Part exercise, meditation, combat training, and artistic expression, the Path of Shadows is a smooth, soft, graceful, and fluid art of hypnotic moves and sweeping motions.

The Five Nations have a century of dark memories of rivalries and atrocities to put behind them, and forgetting such things is never easy. The precise purpose of the Inspired’s political machinations is left deliberately vague, but as tools of the Quori their ultimate purpose is to subjugate Khorvaire much as they do Riedra either covertly or through open alliance with one of the warring nations should the Last War resume.

Could we get a quick rundown on what the humans of each of the Five Nations commonly look like, physically?