ECC88 page sheet date. 1. 1. 2. 2. 3. 3. 4. A . 5. B. 6. C. 7. FP. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Eech test must be in between following limits: ECC 6DJ8. 6,3V. is balanced and matched, per datasheet specification, this is highest.

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HQ dtenblatt made for the Czech post, datenglatt the Rosnov factory Code So all four systems of this pair are the same. It is not much but we have to say it. So you can see it yourself. For a true happened story, read the world of NOS. Is your ECC88 humming or making noise?

However not with those! Some tubes from equipment are sometimes actually never used. When frame grid tubes, we write it in the description. This chart shows an example of how toset up voltage-amplifyingpentodes for maximum datsnblatt output as opposed to maximum gain The example givenis an RCA Assessment of The Microwave Tube Industryan inside look at what high-tech tubes are used for, why they’re used instead of transistors, what’s in them lots of beryllium!

Large dimension ECC88, with higher dissipation. This tube excist as normal grid tube and as frame grid tube.

Now that EI is closed sinceprices of EI tubes are expected to soar. Everything you want to know about how tube specsare determined, from flywheel shock testing to altitude testing to salt spraycorrosion resistance. The rejects were probably sold a standard 6N1P, this is normal. These were made for the military, as you can see from the sword signs on the back side of the tube.


JJ Electronic – E88CC / , 6DJ8 – gold

Note, National was a tube re-branding company of very good reputation. Please note with some not with all the print text has suffered somewhat from storage.

When it writes on there “ECC88, 1 ” as you see on the picture here this means this tube was made in Germany, indicated by the number “1”. If you don’t know the answer This batch had very good values.

This is a very datenblat way of testing, since “good” tubes must still be rejected when they come from a production series where too many have failed the JAN tests.

Number “2” would mean outside Germany. Elektronska Industri, former Yugislavia.

Well, I think experience and detailed product knowledge is the same! JAN was the first choice, the rest got sold commerically. Leave it up to a technician otherwise. We have Money-back guarantee on those. This is not possible for the most wanted part numebrs. Frame grid wires can be as thin as 10um, which is technologically speaking a masterpiece of fine mechanics. They were supplied with first class tubes by the manufacturers, and the country of origin is always printed on the tubes.

This is confirmed by the construction, there is the characteristical A-Shaped getter holder inside, and more details.


Now of course manufacturers could still sell such tubes on the commercial market, but the military refused to take those. Please note that these are OEM spec sheets,except for some of the Resistance Coupled Amplifier charts, you will not be downloading any pages of a regular tube manual that you already have.

This was told to me by a retired Telefunken Ulm Employee, so I think this is very reliable information.

ECC88 Datasheet

This pair has printed on the glass: Interesting detail with the tube box. These are no JJ Tubes. Eech test must be in between following limits: Check also next item, below here. These have lower noise, and less distortion. Low noise version of 6N1P. The frame grids have generally better parameter stability, lower noise and lower hum.

So you think you buy NOS, but they’re not. Can’t find it here? When you refer to finest datasheet details, they say they don’t need to know, they have already “30 years experience”. Don’t try to be Mr.

Here are the possible answers, only ONE answer is correct. Curve plots for popular current production12AX7’s: Click Here for sheeton Sovtek 6B4-G. Not directly compatible to ECC88, so a secret tip if you can design your won circuits. The frame grid wire is ratenblatt thin, when you open up a defective tube, you can not see it with the bare eye.