September 22, STATUS OF UNITED NATIONS REGULATION ECE UNIFORM PROVISIONS CONCERNING THE APPROVAL OF: INTERNAL. Validation of MFG claims on power testing per UN/ECE R85 must be witnessed by UN representative. •! The U.S. never signed the ECE Treaty. Regulation ECE R10 (“old directive” //CE – electromagnetic compatibility ) ECE R85 (net power and maximum 30 minutes power of electric drive trains).

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Make sure that for each drive train type tests are carried out in accordance with the procedures approved by the competent authority. Ignition or injection timing timing curve 4.

Of the cooling fluid. Maximum effective current supplied to the motor: Air filter Intake silencer Speed limiting device. Name of administration Concerning 2: In any case of dispute the fuel shall be one of the reference fuels specified in Annex 8; 5.

Description and drawings of inlet pipes and their accessories plenum r8, heating device, additional air intakes, etc. Dual-fuel engines or vehicles that have a diesel mode are to be tested with the fuels appropriate to each mode, in accordance with the provisions set in Paragraphs 5.

Of the exhaust measured at the point adjacent to the outlet flange s of the exhaust manifold s: Use the Advanced search.

EUR-Lex – X(01) – EN – EUR-Lex

Equipment for gas engines. An auxiliary regulating system may be g85 if necessary to maintain the temperature within the limits specified in paragraphs 3.


Approval number according to Regulation No. Air compressor for brakes; Power steering compressor; Suspension system compressor; Air conditioner system, etc. The above approval mark affixed to a drive train shows that the drive train type concerned has been approved in the Netherlands E4 with regard to the measurement of the net power, pursuant to Regulation No. Ee after the test of paragraph 5. We use cookies to enhance site functionality and personalisation. Emission control devices 3.

Inlet air temperature, K. Characteristics of the dynamometer.

ECE regulations: ECE R85 Supplement 6

If possible, to be set in the most favourable position. Supercharging equipment if fitted. Number of poles of the motor: The following non-exhaustive list is ee as a sample: Observed brake load, fuel consumption and inlet air temperature data shall be taken simultaneously and shall be the average of two stabilized consecutive values which do sce vary more than 2 per cent for the brake load and fuel consumption.

In the case of an engine labelled for a specific range of fuels: Where P o is the corrected power i.

Standard Requirements – Electric Mobility

Photographs, if any, shall show sufficient details. An approval number shall be assigned to each drive train type approved. No data shall be taken until torque, speed and temperatures have dce maintained substantially constant for at least one minute.

The competent authority issuing the extension of approval shall assign a series number for such an extension and inform thereof the other Parties to t85 Agreement applying this Regulation by means of a communication form conforming to the model in annex 3 to this Regulation.


Net Power of Internal Combustion Engine During the tests to verify conformity of production, the power shall be measured at two engine speeds S1 and S2 corresponding respectively to the measurement points of maximum power and maximum torque accepted for type approval.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

It shall be accompanied by the description, in triplicate, of the drive train comprising all the relevant particulars referred to:. Where there is a risk of an appreciable effect on the engine power; In the case of two-stroke and positive-ignition engines; When the manufacturer requests that this should be done. Languages, formats and link to OJ.

If the gas fuel used for the test is a reference fuel, label of that gas: The auxiliaries necessary for the proper operation of the vehicle, and which may be mounted on the motor shall be removed when performing the test. Air filter … make s … ecr s …. Manufacturer’s name and address: Its first two digits [ at present 00 for the Regulation in its original form ] shall indicate the series of amendments incorporating g85 most recent major technical amendments made to the Regulation at the time of issue of the approval.

The fuel used shall be specified in the test report.