I have created this group to talk about and share pictures made with Efke IR infrared film. With the demise of Kodak’s HIE people are looking for an. ROLLEI INFRARED IR, EFKE IR Grain, Very Fine, Moderate. Contrast, Excellent, Soft. Sharpness, Excellent, Average. IR Sensitivity, Good, Strong. Efke 35mm IR Black and White Infrared Film – is a great medium speed film when you want to shoot this specialized type of image. With a spectral sensitivity .

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This is why Efke’s exists. What happened to my photos? If fiddling with settings and dealing with medium-format heft are stopping you from shooting summer squares, then it’s time to get acquainted with the Lomo LC-A This article gives you some tips on getting it right the first time.

There was a photo of a very fair, redheaded girl in a green and black nylon one piece, one colour photo and the matching Kodak Highspeed Infrared photo, posted at the Navy photo shop at Pt. Anybody got for sale?

It has a paper backing, and the film is not exposed on loading. Here Are 3 Easy Overall the film performed well with the green foliage turning out various gradations of white.


I used this film in a holga and a Canon A-1 and the pictures turned out amazing in both cameras.

If you want to take your creative, analogue experience to the next level why not try starting up a film swap project. Please only post photographs that were taken on Efke IR film.

Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Please login to like. I had most success with a combination of “sunny 16” and experience: See any errors on this page? What Ir8200 speed should I use? Focus using the rangefinder, then transfer the focused distance to the IR focusing mark.

Efke Infrared IR820 120

Such films need to be loaded into the efje in complete darkness: Additional Info This group will count toward the photo’s limit 60 for Pro members, 30 for free members Accepted content types: If the film is 35mm, you must load your camera in a changing bag. All you need is a suitable camera is easier to loadsomething to steady the camera on, because efek exposures are long, and the right filter. From what I’ve read you need the Hoya R72 filter to turn the sky black.

I prefer using the anti-halation, because of the sharp focus and efkee art photography look. Do Your Portraits Look Flat? Further explanation on the “naughty bits With a spectral sensitivity of nm, it turns scenes with foliage and clouds into pure white dreamy photos. Whitetail in the Snow.


Efke Infrared IR ยท Lomography Shop

An overwhelming amount of lomographs are shared in the community every month and we cannot help but commend the best of the best. The tonal range was excellent except that the sky did not turn black even though it was a sunny day.

More Interesting Articles Dark City. I had to send it ffke Colorado I live in Maryland to get it developed because no-one around here processes this type of film anymore Rated 5 out of 5 by altprocess from Efke IR This was my first roll of infrared film. Both the “white foliage” effects and the haze-cutting ability of IR are clear here, but because it is a late-afternoon shot, contrast is low: The professor from Bangladesh is no other than a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate for the implementation for micro credits and a shining icon of social business.

Leave this field blank. Syrenius 7 waterski 1 year ago loading 35mm in light simmo 0 simmo 3 years ago nm filter for the IR?

Just make sure of total darkness, and watch out for infrared frame counters on automated developing machines. Thanks for the review.