En el primer volumen, la autora ofrecía a través de los Emisarios Pleyadianos de Luz, numerosa información práctica, ejercicios y técnicas para crecer personal. evolución y crecimiento humano. Conexión a la tierra – Ejercicios pleyadianos de luz. Ejercicio de conexión a la tierra para anclar la presencia en la tierra. Usando las Ciudades Planetarias de Luz y haciendo ejercicios para las luz de la Tierra; las Pléyades contienen a los Pleyadianos y los Pleyadianos tienen.

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Manual de Ejercicios Tantricos Pleyadianos : Amorah Quan Yin :

We can not radiate something that we have within pleyadiamos, sowe have to start working on ourselves first, then give true service to others. Balls VS Cube 3D.

Now we are experiencing very difficult times at pleuadianos levels and everywhere in the world, it is imperative that we take awareness that getting first our inner peace and then absorbing all the goodthat God puts at our disposal, we can begin to radiate all that light, Harmony, Peace, Love, Tolerance and a thousand other things to everyone. Similar Apps to Ejercicios Pleyadianos. For people who are not familiar with this Manual, only I can tell you ejercicis these exercises are an invaluable tool plejadianos clear, cleanse and balance many things that make up your interior, such as yourthoughts, feelings, emotions.


This Manual was dictated by the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light to help humans find that balance so necessary in our lives so convulsed by so many memories of our childhood, emotions for all theproblems we have in the day, and even events that they have happened at some point in our lives we have apparently forgotten, but they are there cluttering up our development as complete plejadianos beings, things that even notice we have given living within us and it is necessary to clean and eliminate to reach a true inner peace, and complete acceptance of oneself.

Add to ejercixios Add to list Report. Empieza a hacerte responsable hoy delas cosas que conciernen a tu alma, tu pensamiento y a tus emociones. Begins to take responsibility today of things that concern your soul, your thoughts and your emotions.

I suggest that you print the book, because there you will find you a full explanation of who the Pleiadian Emissaries, as well as the objective of the Manual and a broad explanation of ejrcicios, for they serve, how they work in your body, your mind, your emotions and your spirit.

  LEY 17235 PDF

You can go read the manual and when you get to the practical part, that is, the specific meditation,listen to the audio that you need from the app.