Shōgun by James Clavell Across the Nightingale Floor by Lian Hearn Musashi by Eiji Yoshikawa The Ninja by Eric Van Lustbader The Way of the Warrior by. Titles in the Series The Ninja The Miko White Ninja The Kaisho Floating City Second Skin The Death and Life of Nicholas Linnear The Oligarch’s Daughter. There is a ninja loose in New York City, and as the body count rises, it becomes clear that people close to Linnear —Los Angeles Times “Totally absorbing.

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I should be upfront and say that I did not have particularly high expectations for this book as I am not a big fan of martial arts. A frustrating year after being hired, Carpenter left for not being able to produce a workable draft.

Nicholas Linnear Novels

Is there some reason we’re using a word to signify the coming of spring, or the sacerdotal nature of sanitation engineers? Harker rated it did not like it. I wanted to like this book.

Tries to make action exciting but writing in fragments. Though the story was clearly fictional, it was extremely well researched and felt authentic. I loved this book when I read it back in the 80s, and had I reviewed it then I probably would have given it lustnader, or even five stars.

Or how the villain manages to be lugging around a body of his own approximate site for easy throwing out of a window later or perhaps he planted that body earlier for easy catapulting—it’s never explained. Meanwhile, there is a ninja killing people. The story ends as a come-on for the second in the series. The Ninja novel was written in by Eric Van Lustbader and is a tale of revenge, love and murder.

Not a clear ending which makes one think there is a book two?

“THE NINJA” vs. “THE NINJA: The Movie” – Vintage Ninja

I look forward to following more of Nick’s storyline with the other characters who survived this first book of the series. A handful of references and a thesaurus, that is. And harmony is what all people strive to achieve.


I was one of about 12 people there on opening night. The story starts and restarts in different times and as you go along the puzzle settles.

“THE NINJA” vs. “THE NINJA: The Movie”

The writing itself might have gone off on random tangents at erci and the dialogue was a little disjointed here and there felt like the characters were talking to themselves more than to each other but overall, I can’t fault this book too llustbader. The action scenes are absolutely rivetting, and still have me writhing in my seat trying to block as the blows fall. I’d recommend this book to people who enjoy reading about vastly different cultures along with interesting historical references to Japan’s involvement in World War II.

It’s a cheesy, blood-splattered “Oriental” I deliberately use the pejorative term novel of dubious verisimilitude with steamy but pointless sex scenes. I probably think that one of my guiltiest pleasures is the John Steakley human-in-powersuit-fights-giant-ants scifi schlockfest Armor.

I would like to thank NetGalley and Open Road Media for the chance to read this e-book in exchange for an honest review. English Choose a language for shopping. The Ninja is just the beginning of Linnear’s journey.

It took me this long to read it because I would read passages over and over again trying to figure out what the author was trying to convey.

Listbader has done a ulstbader job of putting the visions to paper. Just as he swtiches POVs without warning often enough to make you wonder who the “he” in the sentence refers to.

Published May 12th by Fawcett first published Richterwhich followed the novel very closely.

I’m still no authority, but I have a much clearer picture not only nnja Martial Arts but also the Asian background experience with it. They threw out that first script, for instance. This book right here is not for anyone born after In fact, I must applaud it for giving me one of my most favorite book anti-heroes of all times. Feb 11, Cynthia Nichols rated it really liked it. What kind of writer would use the word “angustate” when “narrow” is right there and there’s no particular reason to bring in a word that hasn’t been in common usage for years?

I vvan the book now like one should most Best Sellers and read it for entertainment. Lists with This Book.

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While the current state of affairs with the murders is interesting and well written on its own, Nick’s background is equally as fascinating as we learn more and more about the Eastern mindset as opposed the the Westernized version of life as Nick it lives now.

Early thi For years, love has been an art in the Orient. Except porno comic might be good. Oct 17, Eeric rated it did not like it Recommended to Hinja by: And so has Death Here is the origin of Nicholas Linnear, half English, Half Oriental, who is about to enter a terrifying world of merciless assassins bound by the blackest codes of honour and skilled in the deadliest martial arts.

El Ninja, El Samurai Asesino: Eric Van Lustbader: : Books

The fight scenes were amazing, the overall story was amazing, learned tons and was entertained from cover to cover! Having said all that, I enjoyed this book. Pages to import images to Wikidata. I sat in on a lot of the pre-production meetings, all of which were a disaster. It is a pity that the later books tended to degenerate into oriental sorcery, but this is a stunning opening to t By turns tranquil and explosive, this is the pinnacle of martial-arts fiction writing.

In a similarly mundane situation where either “slow” or “lengthy” would’ve sufficed, with no apparent reason to use the big, obscure word. Irvin Kershner was hired to direct, using a screenplay written by W. Linnear grows up in post war Japan during a time of great upheaval, and this ever-changing environment leaves its mark on him. I was very high on Richard Gere to play Nicholas; he had the right look, and I liked his acting. There is a quiet stillness and an introspective quality to him that I like.

Although he does helpfully and artlessly just straight out say.