Eliphas Levi. Dogma et Part II: The Ritual of Transcendental Magic. By Eliphas Levi (Alphonse Louis Constant) From the standpoint of the tribe of Levi, the Great Magical Dogma of the hierarchy and of universal analogy, the kabalistic . ignorant of the high meaning of their symbols than are the rabbins of the Sepher . Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie (English: Dogma and Ritual of High Magic) is the title of Éliphas Lévi’s first published treatise on ritual magic, which. Éliphas Lévi Zahed, born Alphonse Louis Constant (February 8, – May 31, ), was a . The magic propagated by Éliphas Lévi became a great success, especially after his death. . of Dogma of High Magic by Éliphas Lévi; Transcendental Magic, its Doctrine and Ritual (Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie) trans.

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Thus arose a second and unknown Bible, or rather one which was not comprehended by Christians, a storehouse, so they say, of monstrous absurdities, for, in this case, believers, confounded in the same ignorance, speak the language of sceptics ; a monu- ment, as we affirm, which comprises all that philosophical genius and religious genius have ever accomplished or imagined in the order of the sublime; a treasure encom- passed by thorns ; a diamond concealed in a rude and opaque stone: In addition to Greek and Latin, he is believed to have acquired considerable knowledge of Hebrew, though it would be an error to suppose that any of his published works exhibit special linguistic attainments.

It is the mansion of the phallus. To speak is to create. Two affirmations make two corresponding denials either possible or necessary. No Man Is an Island. Psyche is the sister of Eve, or, rather, is Eve spiritualised.

He was commonly to be found chez lui in a species of magical vestment, which may be pardoned in a French magus, and his only available portrait prefixed to this volume represents him in that guise.

The triad, being the fundamental principle of the whole Kabbalah, or sacred tradition of our fathers, was necessarily if fundamental dogma of Christianity, the apparent dualism of which it explains by the intervention of a harmonious and all-powerful unity.

Behind the veil of all the hieratic riutal mystical allegories of ancient doctrines, behind the darkness and strange ordeals of all initiations, under the seal of all sacred writings, in the ruins of Nineveh or Thebes, on the crumbling stones of old temples and on the blackened visage of the Assyrian or Egyptian sphinx, in the monstrous or marvellous paintings which interpret to the faithful of India the inspired pages of the Vedas, in the cryptic emblems of our old books on alchemy, in the ceremonies practised at reception by all secret societies, there are found indications of a doctrine which is everywhere the same and everywhere carefully concealed.


What was the end of the aspirants to knowledge? He is represented as drawing large congregations to the cathedral by his preaching, but at length the judge who had sentenced him unmasked the impostor, and the sacrilegious farce thus terminated dramatically.

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Some element of socialism must have combined with the illuminism of the visionary, and this ap- pears to have borne fruit in the brain of Constant, taking shape ultimately in a book or pamphlet, entitled ” The Gospel of Liberty,” e,iphas which a transient importance was attached, foolishly enough, by the imprisonment of the author for a term of six months.

Constant was the son of a shoemaker in Paris. In the book ” Zohar,” and in that of the ” Eevolution of Souls,” perverse spirits or evil demons are never named otherwise than as shells cortices. Returning to the fable of Edipus, the crime of the King of Thebes was that he failed to understand the sphinx, that he destroyed the scourge of Thebes without being pure enough to complete the expiation in the name of his people.

Full text of “Transcendental magic, its doctrine and ritual”

Supreme reason being the sole invariable and consequently imperishable principle what we term death being change hence the intelligence which cleaves closely to this principle and, in a manner, identifies itself therewith, does hereby make itself unchangeable, and, as a result, immortal. These words will reveal all and give food for further thought!

The duad is the generator of society and of law ; it is also the number of the gnosis.

By them for a second time have the fruits of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil been gathered and shared, so that they might become the masters of the world. The Triangle of Solomon. Thus man must remain in simple intellectualism if he would rest in reason ; the sphere of material experience is that of his knowledge ; and as to all beyond it, there are only the presumptions of analogy. Are you insensible as Job? Do what you will with the volume, you will be rtiual to despise or to forget it.

To make light visible God has merely hypotheticated the shadow. The seven gates of Thebes, attacked and defended by seven chiefs who have sworn upon the blood of victims, possess the same significance as the seven seals of the sacred book interpreted by seven genii, and assailed by a monster with seven heads, after being opened by a living yet immolated lamb, in the allegorical work of St John. Wikiquote has quotations related to: The portrait of Le’vi eliphass from a carte-de-visite in the possession of Mr Edward Maitland, and was issued with his dovma Life of Anna Kingsford,” a few months ago.

See Histoire de la Magie, 1. De Montfaucon De Villars. The hands are human, to exhibit the sanctity of labour ; they make the sign of esotericism above and below, to impress mystery on initiates, and they point at two lunar crescents, the upper being white and the lower black, to explain the correspondences of good and evil, mercy and justice.


A different narrative was developed independently by Arthur Edward Waitewho had even less information about Constant’s life.

Éliphas Lévi – Wikipedia

Here is William Postel writing naively to the fathers of the Council of Trent, informing them that he has discovered the absolute doctrine, hidden from the foundation of the world, and is longing ahd share it with them. The Kabbalah alone consecrates the alliance of universal reason and the divine Word ; it establishes, by the counterpoise of two forces apparently opposed, the eternal balance of being ; it only or reason with faith, power with liberty, science with mystery ; it has the keys of the present, past, and future!

Eliphsa debates in the Revue do not only show the tensions between the old “Romantic Socialism” of the Saint-Simonians and Fourierists, they also demonstrate how natural it was for a socialist writer to discuss topics like magic, the Kabbalah, or the occult sciences in a socialist journal.

Your head swims, does it not, and the earth seems to fly beneath your feet? The magician avails himself of a force which he knows, the sorcerer seeks to abuse a force which he does not understand. On the side of the initiate, the goddess is clothed only with the skin of the tiger ; on that of the tiger itself she wears a long star-spangled robe, and even her hair is veiled.

The universal in reason is the absolute, and the absolute is the infallible.

Thus, in the opinion of the kabbalists, the name of the demon or of evil is composed of the same letters as the name of God or ritula ness, but spelt backwards. Primitive man is androgynous. This word, expressed after so many manners, means God for the profane, man for the philosophers, and imparts to the adepts the final word of human sciences and the key of divine power ; but he only can use it ahd understands the necessity of never revealing it.

In such times it was needful to hugh miracles by the garb of superstition and science by an unintelligible language. But take it for what it is worth, and decide whether ass or man shall be master. He outlived the Franco- German war, and as he had exchanged Socialism for a sort of transcendentalised Imperialism, his political faith must have been as much tried by the events which followed the siege of Paris as was his patriotic enthusiasm by the reverses which culminated at Se”dan.

He can neither be surprised by misfortune, nor overwhelmed by disasters, nor conquered by levk enemies.