ELVOX Door entry, Lower door front entrance panel , the complete industry guide – Find Elvox / or any electronic security product from the extensive products in the database. General instructions for installation. Page 2. Interphones. Page 3. Interphone accessories series Page 4รท6. Interphone accessories series GALILEO.

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As above but with 5 handsets. Cardswipe system with 10 amp relay for use with magnets etc weatherproof chrome reader, cardswitch board and DC power supply up to 10, users. Addams rite release for metal or wooden doors. PAb 30 watt 3 inputs amplifier.

Flush mounted system with induction loop. As above 2 button. Polished brass combined door entry and coded access.

Bridge bar system with induction loop. Bridge bar system for noisy environments.

Standard push to talk system. As above with 6 monitors. Wireless call single station with pocket transmitter, fully approved evlox waitress call etc. Videx Extn handset for VK6 video kit. Amplifier only up to sq metres. Videx 9 module back box. Farfisa basic 5 wire handset. As above but with 4 handsets. Break Glass Emergency door release. As elox with 2 buttons. Videx combined audio kit with code and 3 handsets. Techniphone electronic call handset.


Videx 2 module back box. Call point with pear push. Basic 4 way kit with handsets and rim release. Pressure sensitive door unit. Rim latch case chrome order lock release separate. Memory pack up to 20 way. As above with 3 monitors. Videx 4 epvox module. Videx 1 module back box.

Elvox 900/000

As above but 6 call buttons arranged in 2 rows. Videx desk kit As above with 6 buttons. As above with 5 buttons. BPT YC handset.

As above but with 3 handsets. Wait and enter Doctors surgeries etc with controller indicator and power supply. Includes amplifier, power 9000, microphone, clips and loop cable. Call button with reassurance. Comelit 2 way intercom system, comprises of 2 handsets and a power supply.

Extra pager for Tie clip elvoox hand held radio mic with receiver and aerial. Memory pack up to 10 way. Slim stainless exit switch. Basic 2 way kit with handsets and rim release.

Products and Spares

Not a stock item but we can get the parts if you really, really want us to. Trimec heavy duty release. Videx 4 module back box. Videx combined audio kit with code and elvo handsets. For information about a specific manufacturer, please click on a link below.


Paxton Net 2 door controller.

Elvox / (Elvox Series) Telephone/Handset for access control | Security Products

Panasonic auto play 6CD Unit. Paxton Net 2 Software. As above but elvoxx 6 handsets. Videx combined audio kit with code and 4 handsets. Environment resistant horn speakers.