EMC PowerPath for Linux Installation and Administration Guide. ◇. EMC PowerPath for Release Notes. ◇. EMC PowerPath Family for Linux Release Notes PowerPath SP2 for HP-UX Release. Notes. PowerPath. EMC? PowerPath? for Windows Version Installation and Administration Guide P/N REV A03 EMC Corporation Corporate. 2 EMC PowerPath for HP-UX Version Installation and .. Installation and Administration Guide EMC PowerPath for Linux Installation and.

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Note down the Agile or Legacy name For example: The target directory for the log file must exist before starting an interactive installation using the logging option as required by the Windows installer engine.

MPIO technologies and functionality are unique to each operating system. Companies, names, and data used in examples.

Power on the host. Your comments Your suggestions will help us continue to improve the accuracy, organization, and overall quality of the user publications. You do not need to reenter license information. After typing all keys, press Enter again. adjin

EMC PowerPath and PowerPath/VE for Microsoft Windows Version and Minor Releases – PDF

Preparing the host and storage system To prepare the host and storage system: The information is subject to change without notice.

Uninstall the newer version of PowerPath. Before you install Specifically, an entry of the alphabetic letters O, I, S, and B is equivalent to an entry of the numbers, 0, 1, 5, and 8. Performance is very similar to dm-multipath. Save the configuration to the file powermt.


Choose a convenient time Installing PowerPath requires that you reboot the host. Do not create any volume groups; instead, you inwtall import the shared volume group from the host on which you installed PowerPath in step 2a. In configurations, where the root volume group has passive alternate links, LVM reports errors about those alternate links during the boot process. Include the c ejc the controllers you want to suppress in the controllers section.

Fr Mobile Installation Guide. This forces a restart.

Sage, the Sage logos, and the More information. Specific user input such as commands Used in procedures for: EMC recommends installing PowerPath after configuring the network.

Separate lists appear for the following releases and architectures: Type powermt config to configure PowerPath devices. Their sizes should be equal to or larger than the sizes of the corresponding logical devices in the current boot disk.

Uninstalling additional features at a later time To uninstall additional features: To install PowerPath in a directory other than the default: PowerPath is now fully configured, with multiple paths to logical devices. Adapter One or more but not all adapters have either failed or degraded.

Reregister the StorageWorks devices as sdisk devices: Start cluster services on all hosts. The Dynamic Root Disk DRD product enables the creation of a clone of boot disk to minimize both planned and unplanned downtime.


To display this tab, select the root node in the scope pane, right-click, and select Properties. Otherwise, PowerPath reboots before you can remove the redundant connections. Install PowerPath on the Secondary Node.

EMC PowerPath and PowerPath/VE for Microsoft Windows Version 5.5 and Minor Releases

Copy the root, stand, and usr file systems to their alternate locations mounted on altroot, altstand, and altusr, respectively. Hopkinton, MA instakl. If you installed PowerPath for the first time, but did not register the software during the installation process, follow this procedure to register PowerPath. To install from the software CD: Table 2 Properties Description The value must be a valid license or no license will be saved.

PowerPath for HP-UX Installation and Administration Guide A07_百度文库

Verify that your environment meets the requirements found in the following: Custom Install Allows you to select features for installation.

Published July EMC believes the information in this publication is accurate as of its publication date. Select View installed updates under Programs and Features.