16 Cfr. JUAN PABLO II, Carta apóstolica «Dies Domini» (31 de mayo de ) 19 JUAN PABLO II, Carta encíclica «Dives in Misericordia» (30 de. Dies Domini Apostolic letter on keeping the lord’s day holy, 31 May by Giovanni Paolo II, , Lettera enciclica sull’impegno ecumenico. To the youth of the world, Mother of the Redeemer, Dies Domini. Cover of: Dies Domini .. Cover of: Para leer la encíclica en clave de sur.

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As a day of prayer, communion and joy, Sunday resounds throughout society, emanating vital energies and reasons for hope.

It was only later, faced with the half-heartedness or negligence of some, that enciclifa Church had to make explicit the duty to attend Sunday Mass: What God accomplished in Creation and wrought for his People in the Exodus has found its fullest expression in Christ’s Death and Resurrection, though its definitive fulfilment will not come until the Parousiawhen Christ returns in glory. This was the epiphany of the Church, revealed as the people into which are gathered in unity, beyond all their differences, the scattered children of God.

In Portuguese, the days are named in the same way.

Pope John Paul II

The day of faith But it emerges particularly domiin Sunday Mass because of its special link with the commemoration of the Resurrection. At the same time, it should not be forgotten that these traditions — and, by analogy, some recent cultural initiatives in civil society — often embody values which are not difficult to integrate with the demands of faith.

AAS 59 This is stressed by the fact that the Sunday Eucharistic liturgy, like the liturgy of other solemnities, includes the Profession of Faith. The “weekly Easter” thus becomes, in a sense, the “weekly Pentecost”, when Christians relive the Apostles’ joyful encounter with the Risen Lord and receive the life-giving xies of his Spirit.


It is Christ, crucified and glorified, who comes among his disciples, to lead them all together into the newness of his Resurrection. But for those who cannot take part in the Eucharist and who are therefore excused from the obligation, radio and television are a precious help, especially if accompanied by the generous service of extraordinary ministers who bring the Eucharist to the sick, also bringing them the greeting and solidarity of the whole community.

At Sunday Mass, Christians relive with particular intensity the experience of the Apostles on the evening ecniclica Easter when the Risen Lord appeared to them as they were gathered together cf.

Yet, when understood in depth, this aspect is inseparable from what the first pages of Scripture tell us of the plan of God in the creation of the world.

Dies Domini Apostolic letter on keeping the lord’s day holy, 31 May 1998

Springing from the Resurrection, it cuts through human time, the months, the years, the centuries, like a directional arrow which points them towards their target: They live in surroundings which are sometimes decidedly hostile and at other times — more frequently in fact — indifferent and unresponsive to the Gospel message. In situations where the Eucharist cannot be celebrated, the Church recommends that the Sunday assembly come together even without a priest, 95 in keeping with the indications and directives of the Ecniclica See which have been entrusted to the Episcopal Conferences for implementation.

Catechism of the Catholic Church Because the faithful are obliged to attend Mass unless there is a grave impediment, Pastors have the corresponding duty to offer to everyone the real possibility of fulfilling the precept.

On the Lord’s Day, which — as we have already said — the Old Testament links to the work of creation cf.

The rhythm of the week prompts us to gather up in grateful memory the events of the days which have just passed, to review them encicilca the light of God and to thank him for his countless gifts, glorifying him “through Christ, with Christ and in Christ, in the unity of the Holy Spirit”. In many parts of the Church, a new need for prayer in dojini many forms is being felt; and this is a gift of the Holy Spirit.


At Sunday Enciclixa in parishes, insofar as parishes are “Eucharistic communities”, 52 it is normal to find different groups, movements, associations and even the smaller religious communities present in the parish.

AAS 63; Motu Proprio Mysterii Paschalis 14 February In the light of the New Testament, die years of Christ’s earthly life truly constitute the centre of time ; this centre reaches its apex in the Resurrection. In dimini God’s “rest”, man fully discovers himself, and thus the Lord’s Day bears the profound imprint of God’s blessing cf.

The expectation of Christ’s coming is inscribed in the very mystery of the Church 55 and is evidenced in every Eucharistic celebration.

Eastern Orthodox Church Judaism. This is what the Christian Sunday does, leading the faithful each week to ponder domibi live the event of Easter, true source of the world’s salvation.

Frecuentes Preguntas y Otros Recursos

The Eucharist is an event and programme of true brotherhood. The theme of Sunday as the day illuminated by the triumph of the Risen Christ is also found in the Liturgy of the Hours 32 and is given special emphasis in the Pannichidathe vigil which in the Eastern liturgies prepares for Sunday.

CCL 36, ; Epist. Therefore, if God “sanctifies” the seventh day with a special blessing and makes it “his day” par excellencethis must be understood within the deep dynamic of the dialogue of the Covenant, indeed the dialogue of “marriage”.

In short, the Lord’s Day thus becomes in the truest sense the day of man as well.