okt Vi har fattigdom i Danmark. En fattigdom, der betyder, at familier har svært ved at skrabe penge sammen til basale ting som ordentlig mad. Den meget korte version: Enhedslisten blev dannet i af Venstresocialisterne (VS), Danmarks Kommunistiske Parti (DKP) og Socialistisk Arbejderparti. Enhedslistens principprogram () – mit kritiske syn på det. 20 views. 9 months ago · Tableau Public – world map with country flag colors and how to.

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The party advocates for foreign policy based on respect for human rightswhich it believes has not been appropriately prioritised in the past. Retrieved 21 May Retrieved 25 February The party is decisively anti-capitalist and has particularly distinguished itself as an opponent of transfer pricingwhereby multinational companies minimise the amount they pay in tax by attributing their profits to countries with lower tax rates.

OMNIA – Enhedslisten

Some of the party’s MPs were considering running an independent list for the elections. Socialism [1] Eco-socialism [1] Anti-capitalism [2] Euroscepticism [1] [3] enhedslisrens. Danish parliamentary election, At the same time, students should be given a greater state education grant.

Left-wing to far-left [5] [6] [7] [8].

During the campaign, there was some speculation as to whether her candidacy would attract or repel voters. Archived from the original on 10 June The party was formed in as an electoral alliance of three left-wing parties: The Red—Green Alliance was formed in The distribution of Red—Green Alliance’s voters is geographically disparate.


Some left-wing figures cited her candidacy as a reason for withdrawing their support from the party.

Red–Green Alliance (Denmark) – Wikipedia

In the general electionthe party received 7. Politics List of political parties by country. The party operates on the fundamental belief that peace is preferable to war, and has enhedspistens opposed from the beginning to Denmark’s participation in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In a historic decision, a majority on the party’s yearly meeting in May decided to directly contest the following European Parliament election. Retrieved 7 March The unity of the Realm. The methods advocated may be different, depending on the course of class struggle, but will enbedslistens require a revolution.

Red–Green Alliance (Denmark)

The party’s ideological position is set out in a manifesto from Political parties Recent elections Parliamentary: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Legislature Folketinget parliament Speaker: It is the furthest left party in the Danish Parliamentadvocating for socialist democracy in Denmark and internationally.

Until the conditions for the party’s long-term goal are presented, however, the party will use principprogra, seats in parliament to vote for any improvement and against any deterioration of working-class people’s lives. Party of the European Left. The party describes itself as a socialist and democratic grassroots party, which claims also to represent the peace movementanti-discrimination movement, and trade union movement.


The party often adopts particular views in relation to the other parties in the Folketing and opt out of many of the settlements reached, seen as an expression of class collaboration. Bracketed numbers indicate numbers of seats in the respective parliaments.

Elections Political parties Recent elections Parliamentary: European Parliament Elections to the European Parliament List of anti-capitalist and communist parties with national parliamentary representation.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Parties and Elections in Europe.

The party contested the local elections on a platform of improving public transport and making greater public investment. Community of the People 1 the Descendants of Our Country 1.

Political Handbook of the World — Through this revolution, ownership of private property of the means of production should be transferred to the working classwhile still guaranteeing democratic rights. Archived from the original on 17 July The Red—Green Alliance Danish: