Entering the Castle by Caroline Myss is a powerful 9-CD program that will give you a deeply personal, revelatory experience of your soul. Caroline Myss says that despite history’s tortured mystics, living a deeply spiritual life can be regular, rich, and rewarding. Entering the Castle by Caroline Myss – Internationally renowned motivational teacher and popular theologian Caroline Myss has created a transcendent work of.

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‘God Doesn’t Want Your Real Estate’

Although they can and do reinforce faith, they become distractions and obstacles for “the one thing necessary”–to love God for God, not for God’s consolations and gifts. See 1 question about Entering the Castleā€¦.

By clicking ‘Sign me up’ I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of use. Go jump in a hot tub– or skip along the ocean or have hot sex with you lover and just remember”life is good” She is in no way limiting in her connection to people of other traditions. I have many thoughts about “Entering The Castle”. Teresa was an apophatic mystic, all of the words and imagery themselves will eventually have to be left behind any way in order to seek union with the God above all concepts.

Caroline Myss, author of such books as Anatomy of Spirit and Why People Don’t Heal, brings us a very different part of the metaphysical world. One of the best things about it is the order and organization of the path we must take if we want to improve ourselves and the rhe. Refresh and try again. By the time I reached the fourth mansion, it was pure joy – the mysd mansion was ecstacy.

What would you release from your past?

Some of them enfering sounded to “new age” to me. Sign up and get a free eBook! Oliver DeMille say this about this book and I wanted to take note of it for when I read it: Your only real choice is whether you walk that path as a lonely body or as a body with a soul. It became a movement that started to speak of a new age of light and a dawning of a time of new consciousness on the horizon, a new type of spirituality.


I loved how this book gave you what was referred to as “soul work” in each of the rooms, and I look forward to exploring these rooms again and again.

Once you are conscious of your soul, you are likely to be ‘called. You cannot avoid confronting yourself, no matter which path in life you take.

Entering the Castle: An Inner Path to God and Your Soul by Caroline Myss

Internationally renowned motivational teacher and popular theologian Caroline Myss has created a transcendent work of unique insight and revelation in Enterimg the Castle. But I recommend reading the original from St. There are people who are called to be a part of the world with the same passion that once drew people out of society and into monasteries or into ashrams.

Teresa tue not only a spiritual woman who had written a brilliant practice manual, but a saint who saved Caroline’s life, showed her her soul, awakened her heart, and set her on the never-ending Apr 26, Laurie Hanan rated it it was amazing.

Price may vary by retailer. There are those who make better claims, with better writing, and without hastening to grossly misrepresent a host enntering others’ thoughts. Lists with This Book.

I listened to the audio book, then purchased the print version to keep as a reference. To accept the challenge of becoming a modern mystic is compelling, frightening, and once accepted, there is no way back–none-only cognitive and spiritual dissonance.

One reading is not enough. There, peace, God, and a fearless joy wait for you to discover them She has no choice, given the places she’s gone, the things that have been revealed to her.

I was excited when Definitely tops all of her other books, at least for me. Dubious as it may sound, it is all the rage within the New Age community right now with Esther and Jerry Hicks’ Abraham making communicating with the nonphysical all the more popular though do not be mistaken.


I think that leads to a longing for a much more passionate connection to the divine. If you are exploring your spiritual life for the first time or are seeking greater depth in your soul connection to God, this is the book for you.

At the same time, we discovered the interior of our emotional life. The author decides to use the word “reptiles” instead of St.

It is filled with exercises; meditations and questions for reflecting on, and contemplative practices. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I think this book has potential to ‘mess’ with people’s heads. The exception is when I consider a book potentially harmful, and this fits the bill. Nov 25, Cliff rated it really liked it.

The result is rich and will reward those who choose to spend time working throu Only Caroline Myss could have written this elegant, fierce, and practical guide to exploring St. As above, so below. The rest of the enterinh is visualizations and contemplations for people who wish to be healed, all with the following contradictory message at its core: I think this can be very helpful to t I listened to the audio book, then purchased the print version to keep mysw a reference.

But, if you are in the mood to be myws down to by someone who believes they are higher than thou and preached to about all the things you are doing wrong entreing your life, this is a must. Jun 04, Barb rated it it was amazing Shelves: Mystics have the courage to see through common fears. She is a warm and welcoming “voice” on the printed page.

Entering the Castle Trade Paperback I have never heard back from any of her people about this. Teresa said that it is impossible to progress through the mansions regardless of how much one wants.