If this publication is made available on Ericsson’s homepage,. Ericsson gives The Cordless DT and DT are IP64 classified, which means that they are. Ericsson DT user manuals will help to adjust your device, find errors and eliminate failures. Ericsson DT Handset (without battery) part number DPANB/2-R3A is in stock.

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Make the required changes. Cameron Sino Technology Limited is one of the best developers and manufacturers of phone accessories in the industry and the entire global market. Entry deleted is shown for one second and the service is deleted. Recorded instructions ask you to press different digits in order to listen to caller’s messages, record your own greetings, change your password or exit your mailbox, etc.

Entered digits are transferred as DTMF signals. Note that it is still possible to change to the hidden modes with help of Soft and Hot keys.

Ericsson DT Handset (without battery) – DPANB/2-R3A

Description Description Description Lamp A flashing lamp indicates an incoming call or a message waiting. The selected ring signal is shown.

Finland press and dial the required digits. Security chain The security chain is mm long. No parts of this publication may be subject to alteration, modification or commercial use. Page 83 If you are asked to enter your security code if the phone you are using has a mailbox of its own: Preparing For Use Cleaning Ericcsson the phone only with a soft, water dampened cloth. Outgoing Call If the dialed number is diverted, the diversion information is shown.


Ericsson DT412 user manuals

The system calls the extension. Page 56 Scroll up or down until you find the name. The message tone will break through silent mode if the message is urgent. Sim Card This means that you can move your SIM card from one phone to another and keep all your settings. Glossary Speed Dialing number Abbreviated number or short number, used for making frequently used numbers faster to dial.

The vibrator is active after the beep and never during a beep. Modes Another example is when several users are sharing the same phone. The time stamp is changed to a date stamp the following day.

The volume level is set and maintained until you adjust the volume again.

Press and hold the Mute key to turn the ringer on again. Not used – If you do not need a function or a phone number any longer, you can ericcsson the key to Not used.


Phone Signals – Ericsson DT User Manual [Page ]

Each mode in the menu can be hidden individually. Cancel Press to cancel the Personal Alarm see display. Page 38 You are connected to the caller via the loudspeaker and microphone. There is no need to press the Call key. Page 36 If you want to restore Parallel Ringing for one specific phone in the list only, follow the procedure for restoring the function from this phone and enter eriicsson extension number.

Scroll up or down until you find the name. Tone sender on will be indicated with a in the number, and off with Press to enter a space.

When another party is included in the activated profile, a colleague erisson an operator, etc. The functions and features available with these telephones are designed for easy use in all different telephone handling situations.

Enter the security code of the other person if required.