Ermeni Tehciri. Bülent Bakar. Uploaded by. Bülent Bakar. Download with Google Download with Facebook or download with email. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Mehmet Takkaç Muammer Demirel and others published Ermeni Tehciri Anıları Üzerine. Bu araştırmanın amacı, Türkiye’yi özellikle her sene nisan ayında uluslararası alanda meşgul eden Ermeni Meselesi’ne, öğretim programlarımızda ve ders.

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The Health Commission later appointed him as a medical staff to the Baghdad Station temporarily. However, no Armenian insurgencies have occurred in this region. Thus, he gave totally a different testimony than he did before. Mehmet Ali Bey Aleppo He is temporarily at the service of the medical chief of staff at the quarantine hospital. It looks at precedent and parallel cases of ‘relocations’ in military history and follows the course of the war as it was fought by the Ottoman government from lateon the battle front and behind the lines, until the Van uprising of April,which precipitated the decision to ‘relocate’ the Armenian civilian population.

I have always been receiving due respect ever since I came here. The police and the gendarmerie are responsible for setting up a cordon around the examination rooms in the cities. It will be proper to include the names of the accused, and the charges directed on top of the minutes. They all had the right to settle in any city or town in Palestine.

The poor shall be enabled to take a bath at the hamams36 found in the civil administration centers, towns, twice a week; separate days shall be determined, according to their numbers, for men and women. The permanent staff of a recovery hospital is decided to be organized as follows: Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands.

It is evident that the stokers whose names I mentioned in my previous letters are in close contact with the many who are involved in malicious band affairs in Aleppo, and in transferring of the Armenians, who were distanced other regions, back to Islahiye and Adana regions.

AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Should their incomes not suffice 4th Army Command shall pay for the remaining amount.

1964 Tehciri, İstanbul Rumlarının sonu oldu

The needy shall be transferred in comfort, and shall never be dispatched at night p. Armenians who get on board the trains in Aleppo, or at other stations receive most help from the officials who are mainly composed of the Armenians. The Supreme Command holds the 4th Army Command fully responsible for providing of food and hot meals for the orphans at appropriate points.


For the founding of the disinfection detachments 11 literate corporals and 99 literate soldiers, who received a good education at the Army Medical School shall be appointed to the orders of the Esh Sham Military Intermediate Range Commissariat; 3 medical corporals and 27 soldiers to the orders of the Jerusalem Military Commissariat; and 2 medical corporals and 18 soldiers to the orders of the Aleppo Military Commissariat.

The Office of Aleppo Logistics Support Inspectorate is responsible for providing of clean and regular rooms for these women to sleep in comfort.

We hereby appeal to the Tehdiri Support Inspectorate for the issuing of the definite orders for curbing the transfers of the sick who were separated and shall be maintained by these doctors. When he was asked about his first testimony where he declared that the bandits kept him at the Tekke on the day of the clashes, he said he testified so because he was beaten and that he was not at the Tekke.

Ermeni Meselesi, Ermeni Sorunu | ‘le İlgili Herşey

Tehxiri the suspect Karabet was asked about the claims made against him he said he had never been registered to the census records until then; that although he did not attend to any invitations made so far, he had not taken any part in the clash against the gendarmeries, The other suspect Armenak of the Kesmenan family said he had never said suc a word against the mayor.

The doctors who do not comply with this announcement shall be subject to severe sentence. Measures do conform to the stipulations of the medical field manual issued by the Army earlier. He denied the charges directed at him saying that he did not take part in the clash. I hereby humbly request, especially your giving strict orders to other regions and vilayets to draw due attention to the issue and for protecting the Armenians subjected to relocation from any kind of assault.

When asked why he had not informed the authorities er,eni getting wounded, he said he did not, but the authorities detained him 15 days later on learning about his wounding. The governing regulations yehciri release of the debits the Armenians owe to the official bodies and to individuals; and the credits the Armenians are owed has been issued. Circumstances are very well. Office of Jerusalem Techiri Note Previously, building of a 4. The municipality shall gehciri as much cleaning and disinfection material as possible.


All of the Armenian men and women relocated in Aleppo for a long time shall be transferred from Aleppo to new destinations within 5 days.

Henceforward, it is hereby concluded that all the Armenians, be them visitors or local people, who act suspiciously shall be pursued, as especially those who come from other places and enter the courthouses shall be kept under eremni, their pockets and belongings shall be searched; and thus, any attempt for an assassination shall be tried to be curbed.

The Aleppo Regional Logistics Support Command is obliged to accept all the applications to be made by Major Schilling, and is also subject to tehiri all his demands. We have come together.

Yozgat Ermeni Tehciri Davasi: Nejdet Bilgi: : Books

Goals requiring extreme amount of political and administrative burden, such tehcigi relocation of the Armenians to the known regions ought to conclude in an affirmative manner. An ancient weight unit equivalent to grams.

Ohannes also claimed that although the organization had a certain team-organization that was established in accordance with the program devised in London, he had never taken part in it. Meanwhile, Minas from Yozgat, waving his handkerchief told them he was also an Armenian, joined the looters with his rams and ammunition. Please apply all the due procedures to the detail.

Circular dated August 13, The Commissariat shall try to overcome the issue brought forward, as far as possible, and do its best in alleviating the burden on the government. The doctors at recovery hospitals shall register the incoming patients, after weighing them, to a protocol devised by the Chief of Medical Staff of the Army.

July 11, Code Secret To: Adana Military Intermediate Range Commissariat The copy of the orders received from the Ministry of Defense is hereby issued as a circular.