Niels de Korte, Donald L. van der Peet, and Miguel A. Cuesta Since Hinchey’s traditional classification for perforated diverticulitis in Resultado de imagen de hinchey IV . Hinchey Classification for Diverticulitis .. Nueva escala de Glasgow Medicine Student, La Coma, Glasgow, Medical. Clasificacion diverticulitis hinchey escala traumatismos del colon y recto clasificacion poliposis crpossum. The aim of this study was to describe our experience.

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Ann Emerg Med ; Is colonoscopy necessary after computed tomography diagnosis of acute diverticulitis? International Journal of Colorectal Disease.

Nuevas tendencias en el manejo de la diverticulitis y la enfermedad diverticular del colon

Rev Esp Enferm Dig ; This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. ABSTRACT Colonic diverticular disease is a chronic disorder presenting with a variety of abdominal symptoms and recurrent episodes of acute diverticulitis. Jackson JD, Hammond T.

Stage A contains symptomatic uncomplicated disease. Pilichos C, Bobotis E. III Small amounts of free air and fluid.

Test the ph of things like coffee, spit, and soap to determine whether each is acidic, basic, or neutral. Proposal for a clinical scoring system.

Another German classification published in by Siewert et al. Since the mids, laparoscopic sigmoid resections for diverticular disease have gained popularity. Five-year audit of the acute complications of diverticular hnchey.


After a first attack, preventive measures have to be taken into account, such as high-fiber diet, weight loss, and treatment of comorbid conditions. These new insights resulted in a more individualized and conservative approach to mild diverticular disease, making the extent of subjective complaints even more important [ 212 ]. Abstract Introduction Diverticular disease of the sigmoid colon prevails in Western society.

Although the majority of diverticula are asymptomatic, the most commonly noticed symptom of diverticula is bloody stool. Treatment of perforated diverticular disease of the colon. The Standards Task Force. Br J Surg ; A prematurely terminated randomized controlled trial. There are several complications that can arise from diverticulitis, and one of the more serious complications of this is perforation of the bowel.

Outpatient treatment of uncomplicated acute diverticulitis: In addition, high-risk patients, such as those immune compromised, using of NSAIDs and other immune suppressants or experiencing chronic renal failure, might be good candidates for early elective sigmoid resection. Treatment The wide spectrum of diverticular disease warrants a differentiated approach to the different manifestations.

Hinchey Classification

Prognostic factors in perforating diverticulitis of the large intestine. Hughes classification Hughes et al. Several retrospective series after laparoscopic sigmoid resections suggested improvements in minor complication rates, earlier resumption of food, and shorter hospital stay [ 36 — 38 ].

This modification also implied the use of new treatment strategies, such as CT-guided percutaneous drainage of abscesses. Indications for elective sigmoid resection in diverticular disease. Recurrence rates at minimum 5-year follow-up: The relationship of obesity to the complications of diverticular disease.


Hinchey classification of acute diverticulitis | Radiology Reference Article |

Large abscesses C1 and perforated disease C4 are severe complications, but also massive diverticular C3 bleeding and total bowel obstruction C2 are entitled to acute interventions. Colonoscopy enables biopsies for histological diagnosis, and cessation of diverticular bleeding may be attempted by endoscopic measures, such as clipping, coagulation, or adrenaline injections [ 18 ]. Published online Sep Practice parameters for the treatment of sigmoid diverticulitis—supporting documentation.

Hinchey classification is used to describe perforations of the colon due to diverticulitis. Are antibiotics required for the treatment of uncomplicated diverticulitis? Laparoscopic sigmoid resection for diverticulitis decreases major morbidity rates: This procedure may relieve symptoms or function as a bridge to elective surgery. Hinchey Classification is used to describe perforations of the colon due to diverticulitis. Microencapsulated sodium butyrate administered to patients with diverticulosis decreases incidence of diverticulitis-a prospective randomized study.

In this classification, complications are certified by severity and therapeutic options. Table 1 Hinchey classification and modified Hinchey classification by Sher et al.