Score depression; Score escala de autovaloración de la depresión, de Zung (escala de. Aka: Zung Self-Rating Depression Scale, Depression Screening with the Zung Scale, Spanish, escala de autovaloración de la depresión, de Zung (escala de . BACKGROUND: Criteria for the major depressive disorder have changed since introduction of Zung’s self-rating depression scale (SDS); however, it is still used .

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Department of Mental Health 5.

Comparison of corrected item-total correlations and missing value analyses indicates that many Zung SDS items are problematic. One alternative would be to revise item wording to focus on dating or intimate relationships instead of sexual activity. A major public health problem facing the Caribbean.

Lipps G, Lowe GA. Mental health in prisons: Depression in frail Dutch elderly: Avances de la Disciplina. Reliability, validity and psychometric properties of the Greek translation of the Zung Depression Rating Escqla. However, the manual indicates that these ranges can be adjusted based on the characteristics of the sample. Moreover, in line with Arroyo’s considerations 28psychiatric disorders in the correctional environment, depression included, are as far as four times more common than esacla the general population.

Zung Self-Rating Depression Scale – Wikipedia

Although the prevalence of psychiatric disorders in university students is equivalent to that in non student peers 7some authors have suggested that the prevalence and severity is increasing in university mental health services 8.


On the other hand, patients who suffer from mental disorders have difficulty dealing with local stressors such as confinement and isolation 4. The Zung Self-rating Depression Scale [Zung SDS] 15 is a item likert-style 4-point rating scale for depression and has the advantage of being available in the public domain ie at no cost to the assessor.

There are no training requirements, and the instrument has been widely used.


Volunteers received no compensation; participation was subject to informed consent. Zung drpresion it to assess the degree of depression among patients already diagnosed of depression as to identify the severity of the disorder.

The Zung SDS was developed as a short, simple and quantitative self-report measure of depression. Validation of Zung’s self-rating depression scale among the Colombian general population. Relationship of internalized racism to abdominal obesity and blood pressure in Afro-Caribbean women. A study of work-related depression among nurses in the Caribbean.

The primary objective of depreskon study is to assess the presence or absence of depressive symptoms among males deprived of their freedom in a city of Colombia by means of Zung self-rating depression scale. Solitary confinement and mental illness in U.

Propuesta de una versión abreviada de la escala de Zung para depresión

The Zung Self-rating Depression Scale: Pract Asses Res Eval ; Study of depressive symptoms according to Zung’s self-rating scale on men deprived of freedom in a city of Colombia. Int J Soc Psychiatry ; Validation of an interviewer applied modified Zung scale for use in the Trinidadian primary care population. J Pers Soc Psychol ; J Health Soc Behav ; A screening of Clin Psychol Rev ; 8: Qualitative review of the omitted items suggests some particular difficulties with individual questions.


J Geriatr Psychiatry Neurol ; 7: In fact, confinement can be the cause or the trigger for depression symptoms, as Metzer et al 14 have presented.

According to the report on imprisoned population drafted by the National Penitentiary and Prison Institute INPEC inthe suicide rate for imprisoned population is of 30 inmates per everyThe items were selected on the basis of the diagnostic criteria for depression and factor analytic studies. West Indian Med J ; Depression and the nature of Trinidadian family practice: Miller HA, Young G.

Shaw and Humber also reported higher rates of self-harm among inmates and a suicide rate which is 12 times higher than that of the general population J Clin Psychol ; Each question uses a four-level Likert scale with four options ranging from 1 seldom, very little time, rarely.