estcmd gather -cl -fx.1,.2,.3,gz,gz,gz [email protected] -fz -sd -cm casket. estcmd gather -cl ,.xls,.ppt [email protected] -fz -ic UTF-8 -sd -cm casket. That would require selecting those files (“estcmd gather” would normally ignore them in reading a directory), feeding that list to the indexer, and delegating their. 年10月12日 “estdb”: estraierのdbを保持している場所; “dir”: 検索対象の文書が置かれている ディレクトリ; “gatherarg”: estcmd gather 時に使われる引数 (なけれ.

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Hyper Estraier is a full-text search system using index database. Search phrase has other kinds of formats; rough form, union form, and intersection form. However, operators are case sensitive. Moreover, regular expression is also supported. Moreover, usual form, simplified form and so on are supported for full-text search condition. Published in Issue of Linux Gazette, February So, before search, it is needed to prepare an index into which target documents have been registered.

The script will also pre-filter the files to eliminate the obviously non-textual types by extension – not a perfect strategy, but one that would be used by Hyperestraier anyway – and eliminates wasting cycles in checking the filetypes for known non-textual files. Name this file ‘index. Just a little bit? The name of a sub command is specified by the first argument. Intersection operation is supported by the ” AND ” operator.

Please feel free to send me your comments and updates if anything fails or if you’ve come up gzther any improvements; it would be nice to have a general-use indexer, and feeding it lots of variations is a good way to make it bullet-proof. On subsequent runs updateswe’ll need to purge the indexes of any deleted documents, too – so we might as well get gathee the habit of doing that now.

estcmd(1) — hyperestraier — Debian unstable — Debian Manpages

Other browsers aren’t that smart yet – for which gatherr should all be eternally grateful. The following is to register MS-Office files. Should I save this or open it with some random application?

Ben was born in Moscow, Russia in The name of the prime configuration file is determined by changing the suffix of the CGI script to “. Note that similarity search is very slow, by default. Each of ” [include] ” links in the result gafher to include clipped documents. A hidden text is the same as normal text except not displayed in the snippet of the result. Alphabetical characters are case-insensitive. He also has the distinction of setting up the first Linux-based public access network in Etscmd.


An expression of attribute search is composed of an attribute name, an operator, and a value. The data type is not determined when registration. For now, we’ll keep focusing on the “data collection” esfcmd of this process. The estcdm name specified by -il eshcmd should be one of ” en ” English” ja ” Japanese” zh ” Chinese” ko ” Korean. As the Russian saying about complex and confusing situations goes, “the Devil himself would break a leg in it”.

To improve the performance of similarity search, running ” estcmd extkeys ” beforehand is strongly recommended. For my next indexing project, I still kept it simple but expanded the scope. Length of the value of an attribute is not limited. Having considered all these angles, I now felt reasonably confident in proceeding with the following strategy for indexing my mail directory:.

While I was at it, I decided to generalize the script so it would apply to more than just this one situation. The configuration file is composed of lines and the name of an variable and the value separated by “: If another encoding is used, it should be converted into UTF The data type of attribute indexes specified by -attr option of create sub command should be ” seq ” for sequencial type, ” str ” for string type, or ” num ” for number type.

This was the biggest challenge of all: For example, if you specify ” United Nations “, documents including ” united ” followed by ” nations ” are searched for. I discovered that Hyperestraier is exceptionally good at what it does; it’s a fantastic app, and I wish I’d known about it years ago. You can set it higher if you’re willing to spend a bit more time: The delimiter for headers is not “: For example, ” [BW] euro ” matches words which begin with ” euro “.


estcmd command man page – hyperestraier | ManKier

There’s also a speed-versus-completeness tradeoff you might want to think about: Gatheg the way, estcmd detect the encoding automatically if it is not clearly specified. As the name can be determined arbitrarily, some names are reserved for being used as system attributes.

For example, if you specify ” proxy OR firewall “, documents including one or both of ” proxy ” and ” estcmdd ” are searched for. It is useful if too similar documents occupy the page.

Hyperestraier Redux – A User-friendly Approach

Gaather can be defined by document draft said later. For example, if you specify ” internet AND security “, documents including both of ” internet ” and ” security ” are searched for. It doesn’t get a whole lot more complicated than that, either, unless you want to do something like indexing only a certain gathrr of the files in a directory, or indexing file types other than the above-mentioned text and HTML.

On my system Ubuntu 8.

estcmd man page

For example, if you specify ” size NUMA”, documents in the result are in ascending order of the size. If you want to index something other than your mail directory, most of the process remains the same. Hyperestraier can work with either one, but finding the thing you’re looking for within a large estmd after you’ve found which file has it with Hyperestraier becomes a separate task – one that requires its own tools and methods.

Data of the string type are arbitrary strings. This guide describes detail of how to use applications of Hyper Estraier.