Op deze pagina vindt u Verdrag inzake de verlening van Europese octrooien ( Europees Octrooiverdrag), München, (Europees. Art. 54 Europees Octrooiverdrag – – Article Novelty 1. An invention shall be considered to be new if it does not form part of the state of the. Art. Europees Octrooiverdrag – – Article Representation before the European Patent Office 1. Representation of natural or legal.

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This octroovierdrag shall be examined and discussed with the relevant departments of the European Patent Office, and be presented by the President of the Boards of Appeal to the Committee established under Rule 12c, paragraph 1for opinion, before being forwarded to the President of the European Patent Office for consideration for the yearly draft budget.

In the event of parity of votes, the vote of the Chairman of the Examining Division shall be decisive. Patent duropees Toon wetstechnische informatie. Right of the inventor to be mentioned.

Financial rights and obligations of former Contracting States. The European patent application and the resulting European patent shall be deemed not to have had, from the outset, the effects specified in Articles 64 and 67to the extent that the patent has been revoked or limited in opposition, limitation or revocation proceedings. De twee eerstgenoemde instrumenten zijn Europese verordeningenen maken dus deel uit van het EU-recht.

Weighting of votes Toon wetstechnische informatie. Any data not meeting this requirement shall also be expressed in units conforming to international standards. An objection shall not be admissible if, while octeooiverdrag aware of a reason for objection, the party has taken a procedural step.

Requirements of a European patent application Article Information on prior art Article Repayments shall be made in so far as it is possible to provide for this purpose in the budget; the amount thus provided shall be distributed among the Contracting States in accordance with the scale referred to in paragraphs 3 and 4. New deposit of a micro-organism Toon wetstechnische informatie.

Signature, name, seal Toon wetstechnische informatie. Any Contracting State may prescribe that a European patent application shall not confer such protection as is conferred by Article An advance for these expenses may be granted to them.

However, the European Patent Office may reject a request for further oral proceedings before the same department where the parties and the subject of the proceedings are the same. Notification Toon wetstechnische informatie. Saving proof to the contrary, the European Patent Office may, for the purposes of eurpees whether the subject-matter of the European patent application or European patent extends beyond the content of the European patent application as filed, assume that the translation referred to eufopees Article 14, paragraph 2, is in conformity with the original text of the application.


If the Search Division considers that the European patent application does not comply with the provisions of the Convention to such an extent that it is not possible to carry out a meaningful search into the state of the art on the basis of all or some of the claims, it shall either declare that search is not possible or shall, so far as is practicable, draw up a partial European search report.

Specifications of Octrooivedrag patents shall be published in the language of the proceedings and shall include a translation of the claims in the other two official languages of the European Patent Office. Where special departments have been set up in the European Patent Office to carry out these additional tasks, the group shall bear the expenditure on staff, premises and equipment chargeable in respect of these departments.

The Protocol on Privileges and Immunities annexed to this Convention shall define the conditions under which the Organisation, the members of the Administrative Council, the employees of the European Patent Office, and such other persons specified in that Protocol as take part in the work of the Organisation, shall enjoy, in each Contracting State, the privileges and immunities necessary for the performance of their duties. Examining Divisions Toon wetstechnische informatie.

Art. Europees Octrooiverdrag – :: voorheen

Persons whose names appear on the list of professional representatives shall be entitled to act in all proceedings established by this Convention. A European patent shall, subject to the provisions of paragraph 2, confer on its proprietor from the date on which the mention of its grant is published in the European Patent Bulletin, in each Contracting State in respect of which it is granted, the same rights as would be conferred by a national patent granted in that State.

Designation of the inventor Toon wetstechnische informatie. Form of the publication of European patent applications and European search reports Toon wetstechnische informatie.

Europees octrooi met eenheidswerking

The communication of this information shall be considered as constituting the unreserved and irrevocable consent of the applicant to the deposited biological material being made available to the public in accordance with this Rule. Budget Toon wetstechnische informatie. Paragraph 1 shall apply to the communication of information by virtue of working agreements between the Eurpoees Patent Office and. The abstract shall, where applicable, contain the chemical formula which, among those contained in the application, best characterises the invention.

If a renewal fee is not paid in due time, the application shall be deemed to be withdrawn. Representation in proceedings established by this Convention may also be undertaken, in the octrooiverrag way as by a professional representative, by any legal practitioner qualified in a Contracting Eurropees and having his place of business in that State, to the extent that he is entitled in that State to act as a professional representative in patent matters.


The abstract shall serve the purpose of technical information only; it may not be taken into account for any other purpose, in particular for interpreting the scope of the otrooiverdrag sought or applying Article 54, eyropees 3. Preamble The Contracting States, Desiring to strengthen co-operation between the States of Europe in respect of the protection of inventions, Desiring that such protection may be obtained in those States by a single procedure for the grant of patents, and by the establishment of certain standard rules governing patents so granted, Desiring, for this purpose, to conclude a Convention which establishes a European Patent Organisation and which constitutes a special euro;ees within the meaning of Article 19 of the Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property, signed in Paris on 20 March and last revised on 14 Julyand a regional patent treaty within the meaning of Article 45, paragraph 1, of the Patent Cooperation Treaty of 19 June.

European patent Toon wetstechnische informatie. Lctrooiverdrag provisions Toon wetstechnische informatie. The amount of such advances shall be determined in proportion to the amounts due from the Contracting States for the accounting period in question.

The European Patent Convention

However, persons whose professional qualification to represent natural or legal persons in patent matters before the central industrial property office of one of the Contracting States is officially recognised in accordance with the regulations laid down by such State shall not be subject to the condition of having exercised the profession. The decision shall be determined by the result of this second pctrooiverdrag.

Claims incurring fees Toon wetstechnische informatie. Desiring to strengthen co-operation between the States of Europe in respect of the protection of inventions.

If the European patent is limited under Article b, paragraph 2the European Patent Office shall publish the amended specification of the European patent as soon as possible after the mention of the limitation has been published in the European Patent Bulletin.

Art. 54 Europees Octrooiverdrag – :: voorheen

It shall not octrooiverdrrag deemed to have been filed until the limitation or revocation fee has been paid. Extent of protection Article If necessary, there may be amending or supplementary budgets. Examining Divisions Article Provisional euroees Toon wetstechnische informatie. Request for conversion Article Article Periodical publications Article Claims The claims shall define the matter for which protection is sought.

The unity of the application or patent in these proceedings shall not be affected; in particular the text of the application or patent shall be uniform for all designated Contracting States, unless this Convention provides otherwise.