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Refer to assembly instructions item 5. The information included in this Splendide Repair Manual may change without notice.


The unit is now ready for use. All conductive structures within the vicinity of the spray area shall be bonded together with the earth terminal of the gun control unit to the protective earth of the system. Mains Input Via connector on bottom panel.

Check your gauges before you take them out of the packaging to make sure they are at 0 zero psi for both boost and fuel pressure.

Ensure that the equipment is operated by trained personnel only. Place new box of powder onto unit base.

It will be seen that this will vary between ua depending on the chosen discharge potential and the distance between the gun discharge electrode and the workpiece, or earth. Check that the compressed air supply is clean and dry. Do not enter spray booths when in operation. Place an open box of powder onto the unit base with the internal plastic bag pulled over the outside of the box or rolled down. If the earthing is not adequate, this can result in: Further adjustment of the air flow allows the operator to alter the size and shape the powder cloud.


Protection up to bar or 40, psi One size fits all money-saving design Modular design allows you to buy only what you need Replacement More information. If, however, the fluidisation of the powder is too violent, difficulty may be experienced in eliminating surging and erratic powder delivery. The operator must carefully read and follow. The efficiency of the exhaust ventilation system should be checked regularly.


Controls air supply to ‘powder delivery’, ‘powder dilution’, and ‘vibrator’ pressure regulators see Pressure Regulators and Guages. Circuit Protection Miniature circuit breakers: The small flow regulator on the left hand side of the spray gun is used to control the air flow which passes forward through the nozzle. A fluidising pad fitted at the induction point of the suction tube loosens and fluidises powder locally in the pick-up area of the powder, thus ensuring an even powder supply from difficult or heavily impacted powders.

Symbols eurotc to mark instructions Also controls air supply to the ‘switched auxiliary air supply’ valve on the top panel which supplies the fluidising pad see below.

In some instances it may be necessary to reduce the charge control for better results. Its purpose is to cover a spectrum of applications within the Healthcare More information. The powder in the box should be seen to be moving towards the suction tube when the vibrator is operating and powder is being sprayed. Depending on eurotrc elastic support you have you can secure the V2 power unit to the following seat bracket tubes: Refer to pneumatic data in specifications.


Contamination of compressed air supply. General product information 3.

Connect the three airlines which exit the front of the articulated arm as follows: This process continues as the gun is moved closer to the product until a point is reached at which the energy is limited by the setting of the control potentiometer. Do not eat or drink in areas where powder coating is being carried out or in dust-laden atmospheres.

Changing Colour and End of Shift Cleaning. Maintained unregulated output for connection of e. N o Item Part No.

Mains Output Socket, non switched, 6A max. When setting the maximum discharge potential the spray gun discharge needle should be placed approximately 00 mm from earth.

Do not operate fluidised beds without connecting a suitable vent hose from its lid to an extracted area such as a spray booth. Ensure that all switches are in the OFF position and that all pressure regulators are closed, the knobs should be turned fully anti-clockwise.

Use a suitable industrial vacuum cleaner for clothing and wash skin with water. Always turn off the unit and unplug. Remove the seismometer More information.

The green LED above the switch will illuminate.

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