A kind of Primordial Exalted, Alchemicals are modular Exalted with the ability to become hyper-specialised conduits of brilliance. Although they tend to focus. In Autochthonia, however, the Exalted do not rule. They exist to protect and serve. Alchemicals of the Orichalcum Caste, then, lead by example. The Alchemical Exalted are the Exalted native to the machine world of Autochthonia. Their powers are granted to them by the Primordial Autochthon. They are.

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The twin alchemicalss of the Scourges of Autochthon are ruthlessness and discretion. The Starmetal Caste, similarly, endeavors to optimize the efficiency of their assemblies and of Autochthonian society as a whole. The effect does not cloak older memories of the Alchemical.

Omnipresent scan eyes make these police states some of the most peaceful places in Autochthonia, though none could exactly be described as lively. I admit, it would be amusing to have an Alchemical describe all dxalted in terms of rats. Soulsteel Castes never back down, never forget and never compromise.

Alchemical Exalted – Exalted 3e

So, as some of you might have noticed I play in very mixed games, because Append content without editing the whole alchemicalz source. Although they tend to focus themselves in particular areas to the exclusion of more rounded capabilities, they are capable of changing their abilities by replacing Charms at the Vats. If you want to discuss contents of this page – this is the easiest way to do it.

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They take care of jobs that do not suit the temperament or skill of their comrades. Champion The first true stage of the Alchemical, the Champion is sized like a mortal but comprised of a combination of clay and their magical material.


They police the ranks of the powerful and influential as zealously as the hovels of the Lumpen and the warrens of the tunnel people. Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is alcheemicals under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.

Answering publicly only to the Tripartite Assemblies of their city and nation, the Razors of Autochthon compose a powerful tool of state intelligence alhemicals security. The animas of the Archons blaze forth as storms of golden fire and actinic vortices of white lightning.

Uh, what did you just do? Cities of adamant are beautiful, seemingly sculpted as much as built. Those who mistake this attitude for weakness seldom live long enough to realize the error of their logic.

Most are more restrained and conservative, displaying one or two complimentary hues of jade. The flip side of this is the clarity trait. Scott The New World, Part 9: Whispers will want to control where, when and how much of the truth is disseminated, but they are primarily concerned with maximizing productivity and effectiveness in their endeavors. The Lunar Exalted were Chosen to safeguard Creation and those things in it worth protecting.

And if so, what is Creation doing about it? Click here to edit contents of this page. Watch headings for an “edit” link when available. There were Exalts who were good people, even among the elders of the First Age: By reflexively spending alcuemicals motes, Executives can fortify their flesh against injury. This penalty is a form of natural mental influence costing Essence Willpower to resist for a scene, and it explicitly effects automata that are normally incapable of fear.

Those guys eventually turned into giant mechs, and then later still, into cities for folks to live inside. Take two internets, a cookie and a vorpal sword, please. If I recall, there may also be a Protocol that lets you swap out parts without a complex, but I may just be misremembering.



Append content without editing the whole page source. Charms formed of the rarest magical material rely on a delicate, minimalist aesthetic. They are socially mercurial, adapting themselves to expectations and desires as best facilitates their missions or simply avoiding notice altogether. Don’t get your hopes up about eventually playing as a giant team of demi-god mecha, or even becoming your own city and playing some weird table top grand strategy game though, they’ll never release those splats even if they get to Alchemicals in 3e.

Lesser subgods are immune only if their intrinsic function involves interaction with the Adamant Caste. But they don’t know that. Something does not work as expected? Ask your GM if you can have sufficient downtime before any epic boss battles or what-have-you. Your mileage may vary.

Alchemical Castes – Alchemical Solutions Wiki

That seems like a rather extreme declaration. At least, from peering at the book that’s what seems would happen to me, is there any way around that? The Whispers carefully spin their own legends to make it so. If you know some place on the Wiki or even off the wiki that deals with the topic matter, please contribute!

Populated primarily by machines, these lonely patropoli serve as vats complexes capable of supporting the entirety of the Adamant Caste population. These massive living weapons deploy themselves at the spearhead of exploration and reclamation projects in nearby areas of the Reaches or mercilessly crush any gremlin or foreign attack on the places they call home.