Rise of the Evening Star has ratings and reviews. Ahmad said: Rise of the Evening Star (Fablehaven, #2), Brandon MullFablehaven: Rise of t. Siblings Kendra and Seth return to Fablehaven to fight off the Society of the Evening Star. Fablehaven: Rise of the Evening Star is the second installment in the Fablehaven Series. Publisher’s Summary At the end of the school year Kendra and her.

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It actually took me a while to get in trouble their book.

Rise of the Evening Star characters

A fairy guarding the Chapel ends up helping Kendra change Mendigo to follow her orders instead. I look forward to reading the next book in the series. In an effort to intercept the final artifacts, Kendra, Seth and the Knights of the Dawn race to strange and exotic preserves across the globe.

Rise of the Evening Star has the same great upbeat tone, moral fiber, and new creatures, plus it continues to expound on the fascinating mythical side of this world.

The dialogue snaps and sizzles. But still, only five? Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Around the Year i As a narcoblix, she can control people in their sleep, explaining Coulter’s and Dale’s actions and how the traitor gained access to the register. Something to make the place sound more magical, and not so evil.

The story is filled with surprising twists and turns, astonishing adventures, inventive magic, adventures again, more turns, and more adventures!

His last command from Muriel was to bring Kendra to Muriel, who is buried with the demon beneath the Chapel. Then, the Sphinx speaks to Seth and explains that Olloch satr Glutton will prove perilous to him as Olloch’s only goal is to consume Seth. Seth argues that they can use the artifact to defeat Vanessa and Errol and take back Fablehaven.


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LichThe SphinxShiara He absolutely takes vablehaven cake! Kendra and Seth return to Fablehaven to discover more of what they don’t know and that can kill them and save the day.

He had awoken to find himself stuck there. I get the feeling, in reading these first two books in the series, that these two young adventurers have something more than just any old adult life ahead of them.

It was fun to read more about the objects within Fablehaven. Colorful and varied magic is created in Rise of the Evening Star: I liked the sequel to Fablehaven even better than Fablehaven itself. The children learn that the statue that bit Seth is Olloch the Glutton, a demon who will continue to relentlessly grow in size and power until it consumes the person who it bit.

Views Read Edit View history. When Olloch the Glutton pervades the gates of Fablehaven, all evidence points towards the fact that someone inside the preserve is a traitor. By the way, in both books, while Kendra is the reluctant heroine, she is helped by others, so this isn’t some supergirl of unlimited capabilities or powers. I thought this one was better than the first, and I’m looking forward to reading more! But first, Kendra view spoiler [had to rid her school of a kobold who was causing mayhem.

After everyone is reunited at the house, they decide to lock Vanessa up fabblehaven a quiet box where her magic can no longer control the others while they sleep. Upon escaping, he discovers that the cocoon with him inside was consumed and excreted by Olloch, freeing Seth from the curse. The Sphinx has always given sound advice—but is he a traitor? The Dragonwatch series is available now! Begin by writing your thw in the space provided on the front cover.


Rise of the Evening Star

Time is running out. Kendra was awesome, smart, motivated, and responsible.

It was a tad bit darker than the first one but definitely more engrossing. Thf, a magical creatures preserv e, is certainly one of those fictional places — along with Hogwarts, Camp-Half Blood, etc. He tells them that he was sent by a Coulter, a friend of their grandfather. Inside the Quiet Box, Vanessa might have information that could lead to a cure—but can she be trust?

Fablehaven: Rise of the Evening Star – Wikipedia

This book was much more thrilling than the previous one,the fairies aren’t all wimpy and stuff. How many boys do you know who do the stupidest things just for fun? More mysteries, more adventures take place, and keep you engaged throughout the story.

This series is really unique and fun to read. One of the statuette-Olloch, one of Tanu with his potion bottles, one of Kendra playing Foosball, and one of the revenant. Seth, for the time being, is definitely his own worst enemy. Mull deftly continues to add to the wonders of the world that is Fablehaven, giving the reader new exciting storyline and plots while nimbly threading in those from the previous book.

Once there, they find out that the Society of the Evening Star which opposes preserves such as Fablehaven has gotten stronger and may have even breached Fablehaven itself.

Luckily, the artifact is a teapot that pours magical healing sand, saving the lives of Vanessa and Warren. Seth manages to barely defeat the revenant but is gravely injured and rendered unconscious. Will Kendra learn to use her fairy gifts in time?