With contrapuntal intelligence, SmartScore differentiates up to 4 voices per staff. Apply a Not sure which Edition of SmartScore is right for you? Finale Users. How do I scan in sheet music to Finale. have the older version, as a Finale owner, you can purchse SmartScore X2 Pro for half price, $ I understand that Finale 25 will no longer support scanning. You can upgrade SmartScore Lite from to SmartScore X2 Pro for $

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Your musicshould look exactly as it did in SmartScore. PDF filess to the following e-mail address. How do I download it again? When printing my score on “normal-sized” ginale, the music is too large for the paper.

You should be able to scan multiple pages into a single PDF file. TOP Recognition fails or hangs on scanned pages. Accuracy diminishes when the optimum resolution is not met or is exceeded. Thank you for your understanding.

For personalized assistance, you may communicate with Tech Support by phone. You can install SmartScore 5 times before having to e-mail us for skartscore installations.

Scan each page between and dpi in Grayscale or “Document” mode. If you installed the demo, delete 2 files named: How do I view the interactive manual in SmartScore? TOP SmartScore prints out larger or smaller than my original. Delete all found items. SmartScore’s scanning interface includes: First thing to do if you are running Windows Poor recognition results after scanning?


Use the WIA driver. Finwle small number of customers might not be able smartsxore transmit and receive online validation due to firewall or other security block.

A browser work-around is provided during the installation process in that case. Make sure symbols, especially note stems and barlines, are thick and well-defined.

How do I recognize large format scores in SmartScore? If you have recognition or editing issue, we will probably need your source. How many times can I install my copy of SmartScore?

Finale to SmartScore X2 Upgrade Page

It’s possible your scanner “interpolated” a specific resolution by scanning at a fixed resolution and increasing or descreasing the SIZE of the page. Consider upgrading to SmartScore X2 or to Smadtscore v All-in-One scanners have their own special issues Click here to jump to the forum. Precise resolution means better accuracy Higher resolutions fianle not necessarily equate to higher accuracy. Why does my SmartScore file look corrupted after I import it into Finale or my other music notation program?

If you’re a Finale user, do not delete anything with the word “Lite” in its name. Two interactive versions of the Smartscore manual are also available electronically: SmartScore users must have their copies verified online.

For scanning on your Mac, we recommend using Apple’s Smarrtscore Capture application because it allows you to combine multiple scanned pages into a single PDF image file. I can’t seem to scan using SmartScore’s Scanning interface. Reduce pages of the original score using a large-format page copier.

Contacting Technical Support:

Never scan in Color. TOP My demo has timed out after 30 days.

If you get absolutely terrible accuracy after recognition and you acquired the scans OUTSIDE of SmartScore’s scanning interface, it’s possible your scanned images were “dithered”. Select the PDF file format for output. The workaround smsrtscore quite simple: Problems with incorrect page size when printing SmartScore prints out larger or smaller than my original.


As of OS Open the notation program it must support MusicXML and import your saved. How do I reactivate it?

Choosing the best scanner for SmartScore

Click here to download “Using SmartScore X2” user manual. Empty your trash and restart your computer. But we can not guarantee the kind of accuracy you would obtain with printed sheet music. Most flatbed scanners are adequate for the job. Then push “Begin recognition” Some customers have had success using ScanVue; a 3rd party scanning solution: Larger fonts with crisper, more detailed printing will have better accuracy than smaller, faded scores or copies out of multiple generations.

Most but not all HP all-in-one printers work with SmartScore’s scanning interface. The right scanner will give you the right result Another variable is the type and quality of the scanner used. Click here to read more about dithering.

It is preferable to scan from SmartScore’s own scanning interface for several reasons: This is accomplished by invoking the “Refomat score” function.